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3D Max Text Effects Tutorials

40 Stunning 3D Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

40 Stunning 3D Text Effect Photoshop TutorialsIf you want to learn to create stunning 3D text effects by using adobe Photoshop and looking for some professional level tutorial then you must check this post out. Here, we are presenting a collection of some stunning and useful tutorials on creating 3D text effects by using the most popular and most widely used software – Adobe Photoshop.

Typography has gained a status of art and it is now become a medium for the designers to showcase their creative skills. Photoshop is most commonly used to create stunning 3D text effects and this collection will showcase some excellent tutorials that will help you learn the skills. Here is the full list. Let us have a look at this collection. Enjoy!

1. 3D Layered Text Effect

An easy to follow tutorial on 3D layered text effect where you can see how artist has used actions, basic transform operations and filter to achieve this effect.

2. Add Color to 3D Text

This tutorial is about creating fantastic, vividly colored and glowing 3D text and transform a simple text into appealing 3D text.

3. 3D Text Effect With Photoshop and Maya

Photoshop is an incredibly versatile application that is often used alongside 3D applications. In this tutorial, Wojciech Pijecki will show you how to sketch out an idea for a text effect, build up the idea in Photoshop, render it in 3D using Maya, and then how to add the finishing touches again in Photoshop.

4. “Awesome” 3D Style Lettering in Photoshop

This tutorial is about creating awesome 3d style lettering by using Adobe Photoshop. You will also learn how to apply proper light and shadow on a properly drawn sketch.

5. Autumn-Themed 3D Text Effect With Photoshop CS6

With this tutorial, you will learn the use of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for creating an autumn themed 3D text effect.

3D TEXTURED TEXT EFFECT6. “Take a Break” 3D Text Composition

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a 3D text in just few steps.

7. Glossy, Plastic, 3D Text in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial, the artist has explained how you can create glossy, plastic 3d text with Photoshop CS5 Extended. Some final adjustment made to enhance the outcome.

8. Tasty 3D Typographic Illustration

This tutorial is all about creating tasty 3D typographic illustration without needing any 3D tool or software. You will only need Photoshop CS6 Extended.

9. Astonishing Nightclub Themed 3D Typography

Here, you will be taught that how you can create astonishing nightclub themed 3D typography, and in this tutorials Photoshop and Illustrator are used along with Cinema 4D.

10. Super Glossy 3D Typography

Now you can learn the process of creating super glossy 3D typography by using Illustrator and Photoshop.

11. Remarkable 3D Text

This is a step by step tutorial on creating some remarkable 3D text by using Photoshop and of course your creativity.

12. A Realistic 3D Typography

This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic and appealing 3D typography in Photoshop. An illusion of 3D text will be created without using any special 3D program or software.

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