3DS Max Architecture tutorial - Skin Investigation

3DS Max Architecture tutorial

Add Billboard Tree and People to

Now it is time for the overall scene and the environment. The ground is just a simple plane where I added a noise modifier. The walk paths are extruded splines. The fence you can see in at the top of the building is a model from ArchiCAD, the lamps, benches and trash cans are modeled by me. I can highly recommend working on your own library of textures and good 3D models over the time. It really helps to speed up the overall process. The stairs in the background are just simple boxes and the rails are splines.

09_Layer-Order-PhotoshopAnd that’s it what I’ve done in 3DS Max. All the other elements like trees, sky image, background buildings etc. will be added in Photoshop afterwards. If I need to get quick results I always preferred to work add most effects in Photoshop.

I use a Vray Physical Camera and Vray dome light for lighting. Because the scene should look overcasted I use Vray HDRI overcasted sky image on dome light. The scene now looks like this:

Vray physical camera uses neutral white balance, ISO speed 100 and shutter speed 120. Dome light is invisible because I will import another sky map afterwards in Adobe Photoshop. I do the same with the reflections of the environment on the windows.

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The Weed Fairy
3DS Max for Architecture?

Im a drafter, only 19, with 2 yrs work experience and 1 1/2 years in a votech school.
So the job i am at now, my boss wants me to draw 3d models of our homes for clients. he wants photo-realistic pictures and walk-throughs.
So he decided to buy the most expensive program, 3DS Max, and send me to NYC for 3 days to take a course to leanr to use it.
the class didnt teach me much. All we did was the basicsof the program. I asked about how I would draw a house but the instructor wouldnt really go into detail with us.
he said i could take a 2d model and extend it. but…

You need Archicad software - it is made for modeling buildings.
Autodesk sells Revit that is similar.

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