3DS Max Digital tutorial - Skin Investigation

3DS Max Digital tutorial

An Archiviz Workflow Overview in 3ds Max, Sketchup, and Digital Fusion

In this Architectural Visualization workflow overview you will learn how to use Google Sketchup for photo matching, create a Vray-proxy in 3ds Max, use Max script to speed up your workflow, reduce render times when creating a large scene, set render layers in 3ds Max, and do some post production in Digital Fusion.

Step 1

Start Google Sketchup 7.1 (sketchup 6.0 at least), go to (File > Import...). Use "use as new matched photo" as the import option. This will help you quickly step into "PhotoMatch", Sketchup's new function.

Step 2

"Spacing" = 1000 mm, meaning 1 meter per grid unit when the "Grid" option is set to "On".

Step 3

The Red and Green axis stands for the two vanishing points of the original photo, and the Yellow line should be matched by the photo's horizon line. These points should be matched the photo's V.P as correctly as possible.

Step 4

Go to (Draw > Rectangle) to create a rectangle based on the original photo's perspective, and then use the "Push" tool to generate a cube.

Step 5

Right click the top line, and chose "Divide", then use the "Line" tool to create lines. Divide the cube by 17x19x5 segments.

Step 6

Use the same method to create a new cube on top of the original one. All of the segments should be created based on the original photo.

Step 7

Use the "Circle", "Push", and "Offset" tools to create a column. Copy it by pressing "N" (N=1, 2, 3...).

Step 8

This is the final result of the Sketchup modeling portion.

Step 9

Go to (File > Export > 3D model).

Step 10

Chose "3ds" format as the file type, and export it into 3ds max 2009. This is the end of the Sketchup part.

Step 11

Start 3ds Max 2009, make sure your 3ds Max units are set to "Millimeters".

Step 12

Go to (File > Import...) to import the '3ds' file.

Step 13

Hit 'C' to switch to the Camera view, and press 'ALT+B', to open the Viewport Background window.

Step 14

Hit 'F10' to open the Render Setup, and set the "Image Aspect" to 0.6667. Change the render engine to Vray 1.5 sp2.

Step 15

Select the Camera, call it "Fine", and set the FOV to 45 degrees.

Step 16

Select all of the columns, add a "Smooth" modifier.

Step 17

Modeling the window frame.

Step 18

Final result of all of the frames. Use the Instance Copy option to copy the frames based on the imported 3ds file. Try to match the original photo as correctly as possible.

Step 19

Create the window glass by using the Shell modifier on a plane.

Step 20

Move the glass into the right place on the bottom of the frame.

Step 21

Create the Door Gate by using Extrude + Shell + Edit Poly modifiers.

Step 22

Use the Line + Extrude + Shell Tools to create the top window frames.

Step 23

Add an "EditPoly" modifier, and use the "Chamfer Settings" tool to fillet the edges.

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Pedram السلام عليك يا رسول الله
Where can i get profassional video tutorials for 3ds Max?

Where can i get profassional video tutorials for 3ds Max.
i mean digital tutors have some really nice tutorials for Maya, i need to know if there is a company out there who would make this kind of video tutorials for Max.


There are several.

Academy (all Max have used DVDs from all of the above and all were excellent, so I recommend looking through all three and choosing the DVDs most relevant to what you want to learn.

Good luck.

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