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3DS Max Handrail tutorial

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If you wander about the various departments at Autodesk, you run into several groups that deal with products for visualizing architecture, including the well-known product AutoCAD. This product is used by a vast number of engineers and architects to design the layouts for building physical structures. Along with AutoCAD is VIZ, another very popular package that would be considered a close sibling to Max. AutoCAD VIZ is used to create visualizations of AutoCAD data and, like Max, deals with modeling, rendering, and shading 3D objects. In fact, many of the new features found in Max were originally developed for VIZ.

Using AEC Objects: Included in the features that have migrated over from VIZ are all the various architectural objects commonly found in buildings. These objects can all be found in the Create – AEC Objects menu. The AEC Objects menu includes many different architecture primitives: Foliage, Railings, Walls, Doors, Stairs, and Windows.

Foliage: The Foliage category includes several different plants all listed in the Favorite Plants rollout, shown in Figure WWO: 46. The available plants include a Banyan tree, Generic Palm, Scotch Pine, Yucca, Blue Spruce, American Elm, Weeping Willow, Euphorbia, Society Garlic, Big Yucca, Japanese Flowering Cherry, and
Generic Oak.

At the bottom of the Favorite Plants rollout is a button called Plant Library that opens a dialog box where you can see the details of all the plants, including the total number of faces. The winner is the Banyan tree with 100, 000 faces. Using the Parameters rollout, you can set the Height, Density, and Pruning values for each of these plants. Also, depending on the tree type, you can select to show the Leaves, Trunk, Fruit, Branches, Flowers, and Roots, and you can set the Level of Detail to Low, Medium, or High.

Railings: The Railings option lets you pick a path that the railing will follow. You can then select the number of Segments to use to create the railing. For the Top Rail, you can select to use No Railing or a Round or Square Profile and set its Depth, Width, and Height. You can also set parameters for the Lower Rails, Posts (which
appear at either end), and Fencing (which are the vertical slats that support the railing).

The Lower Rails, Posts, and Fencing sections feature an icon that can be used to set the Spacing of these elements. The Spacing dialog box that opens looks like the same dialog box that is used for the Spacing Tool, where you can specify a Count, Spacing value, and Offsets.

Walls: Walls are simple, with parameters for Width and Height. You can also set the Justification to Left, Center, or Right. The nice part about creating wall objects is that you can connect several walls together just like the Line tool. For example, creating a single wall in the Top viewport extends a connected wall from the
last point where you clicked that is connected to the previous wall. Right-click to exit wall creation mode. Figure WWO: 48 shows a room of walls created simply by clicking at the intersection points in the Top view.

Doors: The Doors category includes three types of doors: Pivot, Sliding, and BiFold. Each of these types has its own parameters that you can set, but for each of these door types, you can set its Height, Width, and Depth dimensions and the amount the door is Open.


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Pedram السلام عليك يا رسول الله
Where can i get profassional video tutorials for 3ds Max?

Where can i get profassional video tutorials for 3ds Max.
i mean digital tutors have some really nice tutorials for Maya, i need to know if there is a company out there who would make this kind of video tutorials for Max.


There are several.

Academy (all Max have used DVDs from all of the above and all were excellent, so I recommend looking through all three and choosing the DVDs most relevant to what you want to learn.

Good luck.

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