3DS Max tutorial kitchen sink - Skin Investigation

3DS Max tutorial kitchen sink

How to model Bathroom furniture with 3ds Max

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Hello everyone, from this tutorial you will learn how to model Bathroom furniture. You will also learn how to create a basic room with illumination. At bottom of tutorial you will find link to download sample of this tutorial in .max.3ds.obj formats. Let”s move on.

Step 1: We will start this tutorial by creating the Mirror. This will be a simple ChamferBox. To create one go to Create, Geometry, Extended Objects, select ChamferBox and make one with the Length of 50.0cm, the Width of 90.0cm, the Height of 0.5cm and Fillet of 0.1cm and 3 Segments. Note: Press “V” on you keyboard to switch between viewports.

Step 2: To make the Mirror Shelf create

3 new boxes from Create, Geometry, Standard Primitives. For the top one make the Length of 3.5cm, Width 40.0cm and the Height 11.0cm. For the bottom one make the Length buy viagra in canada of 3.5, the Width 30.0cm and the Height of 11.0cm. Now for the side one make the Length of 57.0cm, the Width of 3.5cm and the Height of 11.0.cm. Using the Select and Move tool position them like you see below. Note: Press ALT W to switch between 1 and 4 viewports.

Step 3: With one of the boxes selected right click on the screen and select Convert to>Convert to Editable Poly. Go in the Modify tab click on Attach to activate it and click on the other two boxes to attach them together. You can rename this object to Mirror_Shelf. You can also rename the ChamferBox to Mirror.

Step 10: Select the middle 19 vertices and check the box for Use Soft Selection. Change the Falloff to 2.5cm and the Bubble to 0.9. Using the Select and Move tool move down the selected vertices to create a curve. Uncheck the Use Soft Selection box when you finish.

Step 13: To create the Bathroom cabinet we need to create 3 boxes. The top one with a Length of 45.0cm, the Width 65.0cm and the Height 1.5cm. Now create the side one with the Length of 2.5cm, the Width of 45.0cm and the Height of 50.5cm. Hold down SHIFT and using the Select and Move tool clone this box to the left. For the 3th box make the Length of 45.0cm, the Width of 57.0cm, and the Height of 25.0cm. Duplicate this box 3 times. Using the Select and Move tool position the boxes as you see below.

Step 4: Go in edge selection mode and press CTRL A to select all edges. Click the box next to Chamfer and chamfer the edges with an amount of 0.025cm and 1 segment. Step 5: To create the mirror light create a new Cylinder from Create, Geometry. Make the Radius of 4.5cm and the Height 0.3cm. Change the Height segments to 1, the Cap segments to 5 and the sides to 18. Convert it to Editable Poly. Step 6: Select the top 90 polygons and Delete them. Step 7: Make a Loop selection of the edge you see selected below. Simply select one edge and click Loop. Extrude the selected edges with an Extrusion Height of -0.5cm and an Extrusion Base Width of 0.025cm.

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I have searched forever about this but can't find anything.

I need 2 tutorials, one that teaches me how to make a muzzle flash effect and one that teaches me how to make squirting blood that spills on the floor, can you give me links or you can answer the question in writing

Please help

I'm not going to write you a tutorial here, but the overall gist:

Muzzle flash:
You're going to need a short video of a muzzle flash, from the side. This video needs to have an alpha channel. Map this onto a flat square at the end of the gun, parallel to the floor. Do this again with a square rotated 90 degrees. If you look at the gun, there should be a "+" made by the squares. Whenever the gun fires, the animation should play. It will look like a muzzle flash. This is how it is generally done in games.

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Blender or Autodesk 3Ds Max ?

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I'm confused a little about these 2 3d modelling softwares: Blender and 3Ds Max.
So, I am gonna learn about 3d modelling, animation, render, visual effects, game development, etc. and please suggest which is good.
I need an advanced software. So, please chose between these 2 (Blender and 3ds max)

Maya has better animation tools. 3ds Max has better game assets tools.

Blender has better sculpting and UV tools.

Blender has a complete VFX pipeline in one single software package. Blender has tools for modeling, sculpting, rigging, animation, rotoscoping, chroma keying (green screen), motion tracking, smoke, fire, and fluid simulation, particles, destruction, physics, color grading, node compositing, and video editing.

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