3DS Max tutorial office chair - Skin Investigation

3DS Max tutorial office chair

Model a Stylish Eames Lounge Chair In 3ds Max

Gathering Reference

The first thing we need to do is find reference photos, blueprints and drawings. I usually create a collage for this kind of modeling job, so I don’t have to look through dozens of images.

I generally model these kind of models by eye, although I would suggest using the right dimensions on models you will be handing to other people, or placing in scenes. Another tip is to get one detail to exact scale or size and then model everything else in proportion to that. This will help you achieve relatively precise results in less time.

Creating the Upper Backrest

Let's begin with the upper backrest. Create a box and subdivide it. Then create a plane that is a bit bigger, and set it behind the box. It will be the wooden shell for the backrest.

Step 1

Select the plane and subdivide it. To add these edge loops, select edges which will be crossed by the edge loop.

Step 3

Move forward the end vertices and scale them down slightly.

Step 4

Use the Chamfer tool to split the corner edges as shown.

Step 5

Add an edge loop vertically.

Step 6

Delete the right half. We will be using the symmetry modifier to get the other half in place.

Step 7

On top of the symmetry modifier add a shell and a turbosmooth modifier with these settings. This is just a way of optimizing the workflow, and a good habit to get into. If you want, you could also get rid of one half vertically and use another symmetry modifier, so you would need to work on just one corner. However, later on we will be getting rid of these symmetry modifiers and giving each detail a bit different look.

Below the first image you can see the result, but these settings may change as you go along. For example this wooden shell may be too thick or too thin and so on.

Step 8

Now we will be modeling the cushion and we will use the box we created earlier. Select the right half of the box and delete it, then copy the turbosmooth and symmetry modifiers from the wooden shell. You may need to adjust the symmetry or maybe flip it. From the top view adjust the vertices accordingly.

Step 9

Continue to add edge loops and adjust vertices.

Step 10

Select the polygons on the back of the cushion and hit 'Inset'. This is to add more definition so it looks like it’s attached to the wooden back. Move vertices and polys accordingly.

Step 11

Create a sphere and use the scale tool to squash it to create the button. We will use the button to adjust the cushion model itself, so place these two accordingly and sink them into the cushion model.

Step 12

Select the vertex in the middle of the cushion and chamfer it, so you get these four vertices.

Step 13

Using the Inset tool, inset the polygon we just created and push it inwards. You could also use the Bevel or Extrude tool to similar effect.

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