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3DS Studio Max texture Tutorials

Modeling, Texturing & Rigging a Realistic Shark in 3D Studio Max - Part 1

3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_1In our latest series, and first animal-based tutorial you'll learn how to create a believable shark in 3D Studio Max. In part 1, author Soni Kumari will walk you through the entire process of modeling the shark's body, fins, mouth, eyes and teeth using 3D Studio Max's standard poly modeling tool-set. Later parts in the series will cover UV Mapping and Texturing, as well as creating a versatile and animation friendly rig for the Shark.

Step 1

Let's start by launching 3ds Max and loading our reference images for the front, top and left views. So keep the panels views in "Reset" mode as shown in the image below.

3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_2Step 2

First click on the Create panel and select the Plane primitive, then create a plane in the Front view.

Step 3

Press the M key on the keyboard (or click on the Material Editor button on main tool bar), to open the Material Editor window. Here select an empty material slot and then click on the Diffuse map button.

Step 4

This opens the Material/Map Browser window. Here click on Bitmap map and then click on the OK button.

3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_3Step 5

The Select Bitmap Image File browser window will now open. Here select the "Front Reference" image file, which has been supplied with this tutorial and then press the Open button.

Step 6

Select the active material slot where our map is applied, and then drag and drop it onto the Plane primitive in the Front viewport. Also click on the Show Bitmap button, and check on the 2- Sided option box.

Step 7

Now jump into the Left viewport and create another Plane primitive, just like we did for the front view.

3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_4Step 8

Select another empty material slot, and this time apply the "Side Reference" image of the shark, and then repeat the process from steps 3 to step 6.

Step 9

Following the same process, we have now added all three images in the Top, Front and Left views.

Step 10

With all three planes selected, do a Right-click and select the Object Properties... command from the popup menu.

It opens the Object Properties window. Here uncheck the Show Frozen in Gray option, and then click on the OK button to apply the command to the selected planes in the viewport.

3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_5 3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_6 3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_7 3dsMax_Shark_Modeling_8

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Aaron R
UV-Mapping and texturing a 3d model of a character?

Hello, I just reacently made a character in 3ds max for a game I'm making, and all it needs is a texture. Does anyone know of any good tutorials on how to texture a character? From UV-Mapping to creating the texture and putting it on the character? Thanks! :)

Go to youtube and just do searches for:

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3D Studio Max texture tutorial

and there are literally dozens of tuts on everything from Material Editor, Pelt Mapping, Photoshop 3DS work flow, figure and architectural texturing, and how to achieve certain effects in your textures like reflective surfaces.

some free free stuff that can be useful and if you want to subscribe you can get all the materials.


You can also google search it. There are lots…

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