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Comparison: SEO and contextual advertising

SEO is the main way to drive traffic to a site that has existed since the creation of search engines. Statements that it will disappear began to appear at the beginning of its development - from 1997. However, at every stage of its existence, SEO is changing, adapting to new ranking algorithms, filters and factors. Search engine optimization will be in demand as long as people search for information on the network.

You can immerse yourself in the study of the rules of search engines and Internet marketing: tracking of the latest news and industry trends, constantly replenish your knowledge.

There are many ways to promote sites on the Internet in order to increase the attendance of a resource, for example, using contextual advertising, or social networks, PR activities, buy backlinks, crowd marketing. The choice of promotion method depends on the type of project, goals and budget of the owner. But the basis of promotion is considered SEO.

Traditionally, search engine promotion is the most reliable and promising method. Since in the process the site is comprehensively developing and improving. If a site takes a high position on a popular keyword, new visitors will constantly come to it. Organic traffic, as practice shows, is the most conversion. Investing in SEO is sure to pay off.

In fact, SEO and PPC are aimed at solving different problems. Their joint use gives a synergistic effect: it increases visibility due to behavioral factors, allows you to quickly counter the negative information background and manage your reputation, test changes, identify the most conversion keywords, level out the seasonal decline in sales and much more. As a result, SEO is used as the main method of attracting targeted traffic, and all the rest as supporting, secondary.

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