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Abstract background Tutorials in Photoshop

30 Best Photoshop Abstract Effect Tutorials

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to look for some of the highest quality photoshop tutorials using search engines. As most of time, almost all tutorials would label themselves to be good, high quality or even the best photoshop tutorial you can find. When searching through all these tutorials, your time is wasted.

In order to save your time, Photoshop Lady come up with 30 Best Photoshop Abstract Effect Tutorials of All Time. These are selected from our Photoshop users and readers.

In this tutorial I will create an effect like the one in the header of the MSNBC.com website. This effect is a reader’s request tutorial. If you are using the CS3 version of Photoshop you can use the Smart Filters to test different values and see the effects without worrying about losing the previous version.

This tutorial is about making a “mac” style background. You can use these in all sorts of situations, including the obvious – your desktop as well as part of your designs or for corporate work (powerpoint presentations, flash work etc). a tinge of black is overlayed on bottom right and a bit more white is overlayed on the top left. But these are inconsequential changes.

I decided to write another one on some of the photoshop effects. Although I use Photoshop on a daily basis, I am by no means a photoshop expert. The whole process took me about 35 minutes, one thing I think is really cool is to apply the color dodge blending option to folder, and put blured elements inside of it. Using it you can create some really amazing light effects.

This is my first tutorial in over a year and a half. It will show you the lighting effect!

This article shows you how to create a smoke effect in photoshop, and to achieve that I used a photo of smoke and some photoshop filters. The best thing to do is to play with the brushes and with the tools to achieve the desired effect.

This tutorial explains you how to create a energetic, vibrant, colorful wallpaper, like the ones available at Color Charge. Then you will be able to know how to add some glowing and vibrating color effects, and finally polish your drawing.

How to Create Brilliant Light Streaks

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Photoshop Web Buttons Help

by amateurseverywhere

Excuse my rant,I also have a question:
Just first one comment regarding adobe photoshop tutorials all over the web. Well, 99.9% of them Suck!!
They look so cheap, you see these amateurs showing you how to make a 'texture', or a "cool" web button and they all look so unrealistic, and baaad, and amateurish!! Their "paper" textures don't even look like 'paper', at all, so why bother...nor do their revelations on how to create stone, wood or liquid textures in Photoshop come anywhere near realism. I am tired of that hype, where's the pro stuff. This mediocrity is all over the web.
I'm wondering whether there are any resources for quality tutorials on adobe Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 - Creating a Rock Texture
Photoshop CS5 - Creating a Rock Texture
photoshop textures | Photoshop tutorial | begginers
photoshop textures | Photoshop tutorial | begginers
Texture to be able to make the texture 5.0 Guide for Windows-simple Photoshop of "grain of wood ISBN: 4875936974 (1998) [Japanese Import]
Book (Engineering)

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.. purchase, as well as a $25 monthly subscription. People miffed by Adobe's wholesale move to subscriptions will find a great alternative here. ..

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Photoshop Help, easy qquestion!?

I see people making Sigs in photoshop with alot of cool effects like this


They are suppose to be in a render, or even on a background but w/e

What are those called? effect renders? i tried to search them like that but i cant find them. Help me find a good amount of them so i can make good sigs

That is done with a lot of filters and such.

Try these tutorials:
those and dont be afraid to do things differently to create different looks.

To find more tutorials like these, type in "Photoshop Tutorials" and look for abstract tutorials. (Or just type in "Abstract Photoshop Tutorials") You'll find many more that will be helpful in graphic design.:3

Hope i helped!^^

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