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Adobe Illustrator invitation tutorial

Kona® Illustrator Swatches Install Tutorial » Pile O Fabric

Kona® Illustrator Swatches Install Tutorial

I design all of my quilts in Adobe Illustrator before they are ever made. Most of my quilts use Kona® Cotton Solids and for the longest time I would stare at my physical color card trying to get the colors right on the computer. I probably wasted hours doing that, fed up I decided to take the time and create swatches for each Kona® Color in Adobe Illustrator.

If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator then you know there is a swatches panel. I used the colors of Kona® Cotton on the official Robert Kaufman website to create each swatch. They are not perfect some colors seem a little off compared to my physical color card, but it’s pretty much impossible to get it perfect when you are dealing with different computer monitors. This is going to save me hours and hours of time. I figured there must be some of you who use Adobe Illustrator as well. So I bundled the colors up and created an official swatches (.ase) file.

In the following video I will explain how to download and install the swatches into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Just another reminder, these color swatches may not be the exact color match as the actual fabric, because the color showing on your monitor varies from my monitor and other persons monitors. However, these swatches were made using Robert Kaufman’s official swatches.

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Here's some advice doom

by dannyboy374

I've been animating and doing 3d work for about 4 years now, and I can tell you, if you do the work in your classes and call it good, this industry is not for you. However, if your idea of a good time is spending 20 hours a week at home banging out tutorial after tutorial, and perfecting every mundane detail of your current project,then this could be the industry for you. Also, you can't get frustrated when you have to open the same project day after day for months.
As for the hardware side of things, here's a shopping list you should use,
Intel/AMD quad core processor
Asus motherboard

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Can someone help me design one side of a flyer/invitation?

I want to design the invitation flyer for a party im having , can someone help me design it or tell me which programmes i can use (that i can download) which are very easy to use


You can do it in PowerPoint easily,if you don't have MS Office, sun has an office program for free, including presentation software like PowerPoint.

If they no longer have it (it's been a few years since I looked), re-post a question about free Office software and someone will point you to the link. Your question as it is now, gives people the impression, you want them to do your work for you for free, or at least that's the impression it gave me.

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