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Background fade tutorial

Blanket fade tutorial

It's the classic blanket-blurring-off-into-the-distance. In most cases, it's really easy to do, as I'm about to demonstrate.

Before I start, I must express my gratitude to Amy Cope Photography for the use of this gorgeous image. Thanks Amy! Also, I've recorded this tutorial in Photoshop Elements 9. I never pass up an opportunity to show Elements users how seriously their software ROCKS. CS5-CSschmive, I say ;)

Important - Before you begin: Read my Adding a noise layer tutorial and set up a noise pattern the way I demonstrated. We'll need it later. Please don't attempt this method until you've done so.

Step 1: Take your eyedropper tool and sample a piece of background colour that you wish to use. My firm advice is: sample from the area next to the most difficult piece of hair! That wispy piece that you really don't want to have to mask around. You can see the area I chose:

Step 2: Use your Polygonal Lasso Tool to loosely select around the subject, and down to the foreground at each side (you can use the plain Lasso Tool if you like, but I find it too clumsy):
Step 3: Add a Solid Color layer:
The result will look like this. You can see how, because I chose a colour very similar to the original background, it's already blending quite nicely without my help:
Don't forget that you can easily change the colour of the layer at any time, just by double-clicking it in the Layers panel. It's important to keep this in mind, because sometimes you'll find you haven't sampled quite the right colour.

Step 5: Zoom in and mask around the subject with a white brush. You'll need to vary the brush size and opacity as you go around. This part takes a bit of time, but if the existing backdrop is fairly evenly-lit, and you've sampled your colour from nearby the trickiest bit of hair, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Here's my result. You can see the hard-edged bits falling away towards the foreground, but that's not a problem - I'll be fading that out soon.

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How do I create a fading effect in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended version?

I have an image that I would like to blend into it's background, rather than just stick out.

Thanks, :]

To fade an image into another you have to use a layer mask.
To learn about layer masks read this tutorial:

What are the dimensions (in pixels) of an internet browser (i.e. internet explorer)?

I am using the web design program Web Easy 6 Professional to create website for a school club. I have many backgrounds that I made that are 1024x768 pixels, but when i set them as the background of my site, Web Easy tiles them, even if the site is set to be 1024x768. I'm hoping if I make the site (and the background) the size of the browser I won't have the problem. Please help!
I am using the web design program Web Easy 6 Professional to create website for a school club. I have many backgrounds that I made that are 1024x768 pixels, but when i set them as the background of my…

Changing the background to a specific size won't solve your problem. Every user can resize that screen space their browser occupies by simply resizing the browser window.

Generally it is not the best idea to have a background that is supposed to fill the whole browser. And IF you do so, make sure to
- make the background look good even if it tiles (search the web for tutorials on making seamless tiles), or
- make the background fade into a color on the right and bottom border and then place the background to the upper left

To prevent tiling of…

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