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Twitter Background Design How-To and Best

Twitter Profile Design

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

This post was originally published in 2009
The tips and techniques explained may be outdated.

With Twitter quickly becoming the hottest site to be seen on, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. There has already been a range of quality designs showcased on various sites, which has shown an emergence of trends such as the ‘sidebar’. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices around Twitter background design and get to work creating our own.

We all recognise the default blue Twitter background right? It’s not a bad design, it’s clean and trendy but it doesn’t stand out when the majority of Twitter users also have the same look. Furthermore, if you’re keen to achieve more followers, removing this background would probably help out by showing that you’re an active user, or if you’re tweeting on behalf of your company or service, it helps prove that you’re not a spammer.

Generally speaking, there are three main approaches when it comes to creating your Twitter background (other than a boring solid colour!):

1. Repeating Background Pattern

The repeating background pattern is the age old website background effect, create a repeating graphic and upload the file to your account. The main advantage is that a repeating pattern will work at any monitor resolution. Examples:

2. Background Graphic Fading to Colour

Using a single graphic on your profile can help add some visual interest, in order to allow this to work at higher resolutions the image is faded out so that it blends into a single colour, which is then specified as the background color. Examples:

3. Extra Large Background Graphic

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Editing WP theme w/DW CS5 tutorial?

by magpie02155

Every documentation I've turned up online tells me this is "easy", but their instructions are lousy. Can anyone recommend a good book (please, no online video (tried, only got me so far)) on how to make a new WordPress theme or modify an existing one?
I have a background in graphic design, know css and html, but appear to be missing the chunk of my brain that makes this process "easy".

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Best way to remove the main subject's background in Photoshop CS5?

How do you erase the entire background?!
There has to be a more effective way on doing this beside using magic wand and background eraser tool. I tried extract, but it failed.
I'm trying to get rid of this car's background, is it possible?!?!

Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to crop the car from the background and then press ctrl+c
and paste it to new photoshop window...

Giving images on photoshop a transparent background?

Im new to photoshop and want to know how to take an image (save on my PC, i got it off the web) and make the background of the image to be tansparent so i can edit the sace behind it.

There are really good basic tutorials found on the Hewlett Packard website to do with photoshop. Its free to do, just sign up and download. They helped me a lot.
basically you
Duplicate original photo, inmage, duplicate
Create new layer, close original
erase the background, select the Magic Eraser tool
Using the Magic Eraser tool, click background areas to delete the pixels. The checkerboard pattern indicates a transparent background. Notice in the Layers palette that the Background layer automatically converts to a new active layer.

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