Background Modelling tutorial - Skin Investigation

Background Modelling tutorial

Create a Soft Color Background for a Model

You may scratch your head to design a nice background for a plain object. If the background is too colorful or charm, then your reader would move the focus on the background. Here will show you an example to design a soft background to match with the plain object.

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In this Photoshop tutorial we will use the pen tool, paths brushes and brush dynamics along with a neat little trick using thresholds to create a cool album cover look. For my finished image the graphic is added as an CD album cover.

Simple photo can be transformed into a great and horror scene. Here will share with you some photoshop techniques such as lighting effect, color effect etc. to improve and beautify your artworks.

In this tutorial, it will show you to “Create a Special Art Effect on Your Image” in Photoshop. We will build the effect around a human portrait image with metal, fire and abstract brushes.Electrifying Glow Album Art >

Some memorial images need to have memorial effect. When you have some pictures from long time ago, you want them in a memorial style. You can use this tutorial’s idea to transform them into an old style.

This tutorial will show you a really cool anti-smoking concept design in Photoshop using only a few stock photo and some creative outside-the-box thinking.Making a Dark and Horror Scene

This time will introduce a tutorial about transforming a photo into watercolor painting style. One more special effect you can learn to change your personal photo like a paint. Photoshop functions such as Image, Filter & Blending options will be mainly involved. You can now have more practice with these functions.

A piece of green land, a small house plus some simple objects can form a piece of nice green land and village. Same idea can be applied into city planning. You can develop whatever you like using photo combination effect.

Create a Special Art Effect on Your Image Memorial Style Picture Transformation Create an Anti-Smoke Advertisement Poster Transform a Photo into Awesome Watercolor Painting Effect

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Need help w/making an image bg transparent

by helllp

I know this is probably the simplest thing to do (and I'm sure I'll get some flack from someone) but I cannot seem to get it.
I just need to know how you take a pic or scanned item and make the background transparent. I am trying to design and code my own website (1st time), and this is something that I will really need to know.
Can someone please give me a simple step by step tutorial on how to do this? I have Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Image Ready to work with.
I've tried using Adobe's help page, but it is overwhelming with instructions and the ones I thought would help me have not

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