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Background Music tutorial video

Tutorial: Video Editing in iMovie

This will be more of a walkthrough and reference for the iMovie application than a tutorial. We will not be supplying video source files. If you like, check out these Apple training resources and videos that walk you through the basics of iMovie '11 and try them for yourself!

  • Getting Started with iMovie: Connecting your camcorder, Event Library, skimming, adding titles, transitions, background music (10)
  • Trimming Edits Between Video Clips: Extend or shorten a clip, edit transition point, audio extract (5)
  • Adding Photos: Crop / Ken Burns effect, Clip Adjustments (5)
  • Adding Music and Sound Effects: Audio browser (don't forget those iLife jingles!), Audio adjustments, Pinned Audio (5)
  • Picture-in-Picture: Remember to enable iMovie Menu > Preferences > Show Advanced Tools (5)

Make sure to enable iMovie menu > Preferences > General panel > Show Advanced Tools and iMovie menu > Preferences > Browser > Show Fine Tuning controls for the best experience.

The Event Library

This is the iMovie Event Library, where your raw clips are stored and arranged in folders called Events (usually date-based). Clicking the top-right hard drive icon reveals/hides the various disk drives available for your use.

If you plug in an external hard drive and import your video clips onto the external drive instead of the internal drives, it's easier to work on your project from multiple computers (i.e. if it is a group project).

You can import your own videos from camera or computer. If you don't have your own video clips to work with, you can download sample clips from sources of high-quality public domain videos, like or The White House (all White House videos are available for free download as MP4 files which can then be imported into iMovie).

When you import clips into iMovie, it will ask to which Event you wish to add the clips, as well as whether to import them at Large or Full (Original) Size. Select Large to save space or Full for best quality video.

The Toolbar

Now let's take a look at the main features of the iMovie interface. You can always hover your mouse cursor over the buttons in iMovie to get a hint about what they are. Here are some buttons on the left side of the toolbar:

Camera Import: This opens the window for handling video imports from your camcorder or webcam. To import video files instead, use File Menu > Import > Movies.

Swap Events and Projects: This button just changes the position of the Project Library and Event Library panels. "Traditional" video editing software interfaces usually have the raw clips in the top left and the editing area in the bottom right.

Thumbnail Size: This slider controls the size of the Event and Project thumbnails. If you want see more of the overall project, slide left to zoom out. If you want to see more details of a specific section, slide right to zoom in.

Here are the buttons in the center of the iMovie toolbar:

Arrow: This is the basic tool to have enabled so you can select and move clips.

Edit Tool: You can use this to add clips to your project. Select a portion of a clip from an Event and then click the Edit tool to add it to the end of your project. (You can also drag clips to exactly where you want it in your project using the Arrow tool.

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Is it illgegal to add background music to your own video tutorial?

This is a 2 part question

I want to start my own tutorial site and add music to the background of the video, is it illegal? It's free to view.

If i want to sell the video, let say subscription or dvd, what kind of music can i put on that i can legally sell? i know i can't put any of the "britney spears" and similar, but what about jazz and soothing music?
so my visitors can still view it with music for free on my site, but when it actually gets the the paid part, i take off the music?

I don't know what your tutorial is about, but i THINK MUSIC ON BACKGROUND OF TUTORIAL VIDEO IS NOT GOOD IDEA.

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