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When I travel I take pictures of textures and patterns because I know I may have the chance later to incorporate them into a piece of digital art. I created a few new Background patterns this week with some pics I took in Italy. Check out Fluffy's artwork below and then check out my photographs that I used for the background design.

"Fluffy" ( see all proofs)
© rebecca collins /

The wooden texture above was taken from the door image below

Italy Door
© rebecca collins

I knew when I saw this iron work in Italy that it had to be used in an Art Paw background pattern. When you shoot photographs to use as texture and pattern in your artwork you do not always need to use the entire photo, you never know what tiny bit of texture is going to be just what you need to give your digital art a real world patina. Digital art can often tend to have a plastic or overly smooth texture, by using real world images in my art I feel like I am giving my work a gritty realness.

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Tools to detect Photoshopping:

by Science-O

Among the many temptations of the digital age, photo-manipulation has proved particularly troublesome for science, and scientific journals are beginning to respond.
To prohibit such manipulations, Dr. Rossner and Dr. Mellman published guidelines saying, in effect, that nothing should be done to any part of an illustration that did not affect all other parts equally. In other words, it is all right to adjust the brightness or color balance of the whole photo, but not to obscure, move or introduce an element.
They started checking illustrations in accepted manuscripts by running them through Photoshop and adjusting the controls to see if new features appeared

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pink&&tha brain!
Photoshop square background ?

Can someone help me find the little square background & and how to do it like in this picture:¤t=l_995880e4916b46ae96c60cc611e53226.png

First get a square pattern (if you haven't already)
Apply the pattern as the background
Get the pic of person/object and remove it from the background
Add onto original image
Add transparency (or a gradient transparency using a layer mask)
Go into that objects image properties and add a outer glow of your choice
Go into your colour tool of choice (hue, curves etc.)
Add some gradients to you background
Add text in your favourite font
Go into the fonts image properties and add a sharp stroke (stroke)
Duplicate text and…

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