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Vector Flowers Background tutorial in Corel Draw

Vector Flowers BackgroundAdvertisement

Tutorial details:

  • Program: CorelDraw X6
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

In this Vector Flowers Background tutorial I will show you a five minutes technique about how to create this type of vector flowers. Also, you can use this technique to create other interesting objects and I will try to create in the future more Corel Draw tutorials about this. Here is the what you will learn to create in this tutorial:

File format: .cdr .eps .ai .png (3601 x 2985 px)

Vector Flowers Background – Step 1

For the beginning we need to create the workspace which will be the same like the first step from this Basketball vector tutorial in Corel Draw.

Vector Flowers1Step 2

Select from the Toolbox the Ellipse Tool (F7) and drag an ellipse with the size 65 x 131 px. Click again the Ellipse and you will see the Rotate options. Select the center and drag it like in the second step. Now select from the Menu -> Arrange -> Transformation -> Rotate or simply hit Alt+F8 from your keyboard. Fill the Angle of Rotation and the number of Copies like in the third screenshot. What you need to do now is only to hit the Apply button and you will get the result from the fourth screenshot.

Vector Flowers3

Step 3

Delete the initial object because there will be two overlapping objects and then select all the objects and hit Ctrl+L (Combine). If you don’t delete this object you will get another result when using Combine. So, be sure to delete it.

Step 4

Select again all the objects, set a Fill color (left click with your mouse in the color palette) and remove the Outline (right-click with your mouse in the color palette on the “X”). You already can see a nice result in the screenshot You can use any color that you want.

Step 5

Now we will use the same steps and the same ellipse to create the center of the vector flower. The difference will be only the center of the ellipse wich this time we will move it at the bottom like in the first screenshot.

Step 6

Resize this new created object and center it with the previous one like in the screenshot. To resize the object you can select it, then hold Shift and drag from one corner with your mouse.

Step 7

With exactly the same technique we will create the next vector flower. The only difference will be only the size of the ellipse (see the first screenshot).

Vector Flowers4 Vector Flowers6

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