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Background Tutorials After Effects

After effects tutorials – Basic Masking

ere you can let it off and on the mask, the mask expansion where you could adjust the length of the mask.6. For this tutorial we will key frame all the mask properties so that we will be familiar and see the effect of every property. First we will key frame the mask opacity stopwatch on zero frame then go to about 3 frames then change the opacity to 50 then after 3 frames again we will change the value back to 100. Just repeat these steps for about 7 seconds like the heart is opacitating using the mask opacity then after 7 seconds jump to about pus 1 second then change the value to zero.7. After the change in opacity change the mask feather to 50 to make a blur on sides like it was blending in. If you want to add a text like “my heartbeat” to it so that it would look more interesting.8. The mask looks good but not enough to call some attention right? So we might add some transition effect so that the heart looks like it is loading. So will apply a transition effect called cc line sweep. To do this select the mask layer then go to effect tab then transitions then select cc line sweep.9. Now the cc line sweep effect controls have different options including the completion, the direction, The thickness, Slant and a stopwatch or an option for flip direction.10. Now let’s go to the zero frames then click the stopwatch beside completion then change the value to 100. After that go to the near end of your timeline then change the value to zero. Now see the preview of the effect first and at the preview you will see some like ladder transitions and it looks bad to our project so we will fix that by going to the value of the thickness and slant. Make the slant and thickness value to zero to remove the ladder transition.

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