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Backgrounds Tutorials for website

Designing Mobile App Backgrounds

Now that we have been introduced Photoshop and a couple of the most essential tools, let’s put the first four tutorials in this series to good use and make a nice background for a mobile application. Designing app backgrounds differs from designing desktop backgrounds in at least one fundamental way: you have to strip out all unnecessary clutter and only provide the user with what is absolutely necessary. Read on to learn more!

I am starting with just one image that we will turn into a visually appealing background to be used as a mobile application home page / landing screen. The homepage is probably the single most important page on a site. More often than not, it is the first page your user will see, and if it isn’t appealing or easy to use, the user will go find something that is.

We are going to be utilizing all of the tools I covered in the previous three tutorials, so if you haven’t checked those out yet, I urge you to read them first now.

Here is the file that I am starting with:

  1. Open Photoshop and create a new document (File > New or Ctrl+N)

    Here we are going to choose a Photoshop preset for the document size. Photoshop has the most common file sizes built in, so we don’t have to mess with customizations. Based on the device you are developing for, this is where you determine how large your canvas is.

  2. In the ‘Name’ Field, name you document. In this case, I named mine ‘MobileBackground.’
  3. For ease of use we are going to choose ‘Mobile & Devices’ from the Preset drop down.

    Again, this is going to vary depending on what device you are developing for, but for this instance I am going to use a preset.

  4. From the Size drop down choose 240x320.

    With the new document open, we are going to bring in the city graphic. If I haven't already driven this point home enough, allow me to do so yet again now: there are a thousand ways to do this (and most other tasks) in Photoshop. Personally, I like to either drag-and-drop the image or, an easier way, place it into the file directly.

  5. Verify that the resolution is set to 72 and click OK.
  6. Choose File > Place

    When you place the image you have the option to scale the image if you want. I won’t this time, so:

  7. Choose the location of the image and click Place.

    Fine and dandy, but so far nothing special, right? Let’s add some color.

  8. Double click the title in the new layer and to edit the name. Name it "City" or something else descriptive.

    We are going to fill the background with...

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You need to study Manga

by atfirstlight

There are a ton of books and many tutorials on Manga and Anime on focus on the eyes which is half the battle.
looking at your website on you need to take a bit more time with your work and do something in the background. I know, I know, your just trying to capture a subject. But you seem to be looking to progress. for background composition, find artist who inspire you, and don't copy, but learn how they use backgrounds to play with shadow and highlights and perspective.
nothing wrong with deviantart, they have a very good feedback system. you should join groups for emerging artist and give and well as get feedback

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How to adjust my tumblr background?

I want to add a picture as my tumblr background, but each time I add it, it always tiles and repeats itself which doesn't look as good. How can I get the image to stop repeating and just go in the bottom right hand corner? I know you have to play around with the codes, but I don't know what to do. Please help?

Putting a background in your theme:

Theme Centering: {
width: XXpx;
height: YYpx;
margin: 0 auto;
background: #fff url(image_name.jpg) no-repeat center scroll;

That is the proper CSS code for a non-tiled image where the contents scroll with the background image. Change "#fff" to preferred bg color. Change "scroll" to "fixed" if you want page contents to scroll over bg image. Be sure to set proper width/height to provide minimum page size to display bg image. Put the CSS on an external CSS…

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