Blender hair texture tutorial - Skin Investigation

Blender hair texture tutorial

Hair in Blender

Hair used to be something I really hated having to do in CG, and to this day you’ll see more than a fair share of baldies amongst my works. However with more and more updates to blenders hair tools, it ‘s getting easier (and even fun!) to create characters and creatures with hair. This tutorial/guide covers working with hair particles in blender, including particle systems, combing/cutting/styling hair, and using the child particle settings.

Reference is Key

As always, a big part of getting good results is knowing what you’re going for, and hair is no exception. Go out onto the internets (or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the real world) and look for examples of the kind of hairstyle you want your character to have. Pay attention to how this reflects on your characters personality too, your stereotypical space marine isn’t likely to have long, elegantly coiffured hair, and that beautiful princess is going to look odd with a birds nest perched atop her head. How styled or messy your characters hair is reflects who they are, so it’s worth spending a little time thinking how it should look and searching for examples. Collect up some reference images and have them on hand to refer to when doing your characters hair. Once that’s sorted, you can start thinking about how you’re going to make that hairstyle in blender.

Break it Down, Build it Up

An easy mistake in trying to do a complex haircut is trying to do it all in one go is trying to build it all in one go. Not only will this put more strain on your poor old computer, it’s going to be a nightmare to control too. Instead, break each part of the hair down into different particle systems that you can work on and tweak separately. You can assign the same material to each at first, and later make unique materials for certain parts, say if you want to add a few grey hairs to a beard, or make some of the hair thicker to look like stubble or eyebrows. If you want to do simulations with your hair system, you might want to keep the number of hair systems low to give yourself less work later on when doing simulations, but for still images you can go to town with lots of separate particle systems for maximum tweakability.

Bad Hair Day? Know what you're going for first.

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Transparent gif

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