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Cool background Tutorials Illustrator

Create a Slam Dunk Cat With Textured Background in Illustrator

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create a unique background texture for my slam dunking cat, as well as some great tips along the way to improve your illustration work in Adobe Illustrator.

Tutorial Assets

In order to complete this tutorial, you will need the following image:

Step 1

I first begin sketching my concept. I use the Pencil Tool (N) and use a fine Stroke Weight for this, about 0.001in.

Due to the thickness of the strokes, it shouldn't distract when it is used when adding colors and volume to your render, even when zoomed in.

For convenience, I put the drawing in it's own layer and it will be placed above all my new layers. When the picture is ready, you can delete the sketch.

Basketball Cat Vector TutorialStep 2

Group together the line work (Control-G) and then change the Blending Mode to Multiply. This will make it easier to see on top of your rendering.

Basketball Cat Vector TutorialAlthough I want the cat to be the focus of the viewers attention, I'd like to introduce a subtle crowd texture in the background. So after searching for an appropriate image, I've found this great image by Jmrosenfeld on Flickr. I will be Live Tracing this image to help with the texture.

Step 2

After applying Live Trace, go to Object > Live Trace > Tracing Options. I've used the settings below to create a low fidelity trace of the photo.

Step 3

Basketball Cat Vector TutorialLet's release the image from the Live Trace object by going to Object > Expand. Tick all options available and click on OK.

Step 4

Using the Magic Wand Tool with the tolerance set to 3 to 10, select colors which are similar to each other. Then in the Pathfinder panel, select Unite. This will not only free some RAM on your computer but will also create a texture of minimalist light and shadow silhouettes, while still keeping a rough edge to your shapes.

Step 5

Using the Magic Wand Tool again, select areas which contain unnecessary detailing and delete them.

I've then changed the colors for some of the shapes so we're left with minimal colors in the texture.

Basketball Cat Vector Tutorial Basketball Cat Vector Tutorial Basketball Cat Vector Tutorial Basketball Cat Vector Tutorial

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