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Creating texture for painting

Colorful Canvas: Types of Watercolor Paper for Perfect Paintings

Watercolor practice on cold pressed paper - Craftsy.comNo matter what kind of painting suits your fancy the most, painting with watercolors is an enriching and fun experience. With this medium, you never really know what the outcome will be, and it allows mistakes to become “happy accidents.” You can achieve very unexpected paintings by letting the water and colors speak to you and guide you through the painting. But, in the case of watercolors, using the right (or wrong) type of watercolor paper can truly make or break a painting.

Fashion illustration on hot pressed watercolor paperBecause watercolors are so easily affected by the canvas they are painted on, it is very useful to know the types of papers available and which one will best fit your needs. The type of watercolor paper you use will influence the final style of the painting, and it can also determine its longevity.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main types of watercolor paper, based on texture and weight, plus some extra tips!

Watercolor paper: texture

Mixed media illustrations on bristol board on CraftsyThe three main types of papers vary depending on the roller used to press it during production. This is what determines the texture.

Hot-pressed paper

Hot-pressed paper will also allow you to create a lot of detail. It offers a sleek finish. Plus, the smoothness of the paper is great for creating subtle color gradients, which is very useful when painting things like flowers, skies, skin and clothes.

Cold-pressed paper

This type of paper presents a rougher texture than the hot-pressed paper. When you glide your brush over it, some of the paint settles on it while skipping the indentations of the grainy texture, leaving them blank. This creates a beautifully textured brushstroke, perfect for representing all kinds of sparkling bodies of water such as lakes and oceans, among many other subjects. Cold-pressed paper is great for beginners and is also a favorite among many artists.

Cold pressed watercolor paper flower painting Blue stars watercolor painting on rough paper watercolor dessert sketches Comparison between rough watercolor paper and regular drawing paper

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As for me:
In an attempt to discover/create my soul, I do so as if I were traveling through a 3-D painting, adding color and texture and prose where I see fit. If creating a soul is adaptive, excellent. If having one is adaptive, excellent. If neither, at the very least I will embrace the sheer, bloody gorgeousness of it all. Whatever the case, Darwin and I hold hands every step of the magnificent journey. Without his theory, the colors would be dim, the sharpness faded and the thrills cheap.

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Applying textures to pictures using photoshop?

Does anyone know of any good tutorials for applying textures to photos for icons on photoshop cs3 extended? i have a tutorial:
that uses textures but i don't know how to
a) get the textures on photoshop
b)apply them to an image
I would appreciate any tutorials or help. thanks. (prefferably some with pictures since i'm somewhat new to photoshop)

You import the textures into your materials palette(colors, gradients, textures, fills, etc...) and apply them from there, you can choose a color for the textures and the opacity. Hope this helps


How can I apply a texture to an image with Photoshop?

I'm trying to texturing a photo using Photoshop CS with two images (my photo and a texture). An example on

Can you explane to me how to obtain a texurized image like the example?

On the top tool bar where it says FILE, EDIT etc: CLick the button that says FILTER Then click Texture there will be a bunch of options. Once you click one it will open a box that will show folders that say artistic, brushstrokes, etc. Look trough those and you can find the one you like. I dont no whcih one to click that will give you the effect like in the picture. Hope i helped.

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