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Free background Images for Photoshop

How To Remove The Background Of Any Image In Photoshop Or

How-To-Remove-The-Background-Of-Any-Image-In-Photoshop-Or-GIMPRemoving a background is one the simplest tasks that can be performed in an image editing program. To remove the background is useful when laying one layer over another, or for combining images into one canvas.

We’ll look at what it takes to remove the background of an image in Photoshop as well as the free program GIMP.

Let’s say you have two images, like this:

The top layer is an owl and bottom is another cartoonish picture. The two would go well together if only the background the top layer were removed for easy, realistic blending.

How-To-Remove-The-Background-Of-Any-Image-In-PhotoshopWith the top layer selected from the layers panel on the right, choose the “Magic Wand Tool” from the left. Right-click the option in the tool area to show the Magic Wand.

If need be, hide the other layers by clicking the small eye icons next to them.

Now simply choose the background with the Wand Tool to quickly highlight it, like this:

We could press the “Delete” key at this time to remove the background, but we’re going to refine the selection with a light smooth touch. This will ensure no rough edges remain.

Right-click the selection and choose “Refine Edge.”

Choose something small like “2” for the “Smooth” option.

Photoshop-Magic-Wand-ToolSave these changes with an “OK” and then press the “Delete” key to remove the background.

If the bottom layer is hidden, make it visible again to reveal the background has actually been removed.

Now the top layer can be positioned as desired without its unnecessary background.

What If The Background Isn’t So Simple?

You may be put off if your background is hard to manage. Maybe you’re dealing with hair on someone’s head, or a car with a street behind it. These will not be as easy to work with, as you can’t use the Magic Wand Tool to quickly select what you don’t want and then quickly remove it.

You must use manual selection techniques when the image forces you to. For example, we have a picture of a building here, but we don’t want the sky behind it. Using the Magic Wand Tool doesn’t do a very well job, as it selects part of the building, which we don’t want.

In this case, we’ll need the “Polygonal Lasso Tool.”

How-To-Remove-The-Background-Of-Any-Image-In-Photoshop Refine-edge-in-Photoshop Smooth-edge-in-Photoshop How-To-Remove-The-Background-Of-Any-Image-In-Photoshop

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Images and shipping

by supermatt

For the Images, do you have a large number of images that need the background removed?
Another option would be to send the images to someone that does graphic design, or at least see what it will cost to get done.
What you're trying to do would likely require a tool from photoshop called the magic wand. If they have this tool in photoshop elements ($100 I believe) you can use that software , otherwise you'll need photoshop (or something comparable) - or hire someone to do it.
For the shipping - I know that we get a free label printer and labels from UPS (which can only be used for UPS shipments)

How To Remove a background In Photoshop Elements
How To Remove a background In Photoshop Elements
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Remove Background From Image Using Photoshop

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