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Introducing Texture Kit Pro 3.0

textureswirlWe just relasead a new version of Texture Kit Pro that is compatible with ALL versions and flavors of Cinema 4D R12, R13, R14 and up including Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio. The really big news? Texture Kit Pro is now compatible with Cinema 4D Lite
*Hair materials need Studio To Render

Texture Kit Pro is a constantly growing set of materials. Over 50 New Textures were added in this version including Plasticine, Marshmallow, Clumpy Sand, Cloudy Ice Cube, and Infrared.

We have gone back and adjusted all of Texture Kit Pro’s relevant textures to be Fully Tile-able. Just apply and scale to fit your scene. We also have many procedural materials that require no tiling and will fit any size object.

We designed a giant texture gallery that shows off Texture Kit Pro’s materials in a searchable interface. and see what Texture Kit Pro includes.
Purchase Texture Kit Pro today and download over five hundred textures ready to use in any of your Cinema 4D Projects and animations. We have worked hard to make this the most complete, compatible, and most updated collection of Cinema 4D Materials. I really appreciate you taking a look to see if it’s right for you.

If you currently own Texture Kit Pro or own a bundle that includes it, then you should get an email with a free download for the new version. If you don’t get the email in the next day or two, hit us up in support with the email you used to purchase your version of Texture Kit Pro and we will get you a new version right away.

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I think you'll like it.

by MetroScape

But, I have to warn you about a few things first.
Aside from the fact that it cost almost 10xs what AE costs; you can get free trail through their website, but it is only for 15 days as opposed to the normal 30 days you get with most software.
The interface is very overwhelming at first, it isn't as simple as AE's.
Previous experience with AE, Premier or Final Cut wont do you much good in trying to figure out Nuke the first time, but if you have ever used Maya and are at least semi-proficient with it, especially if you ever did any texture mapping in the Hypershade editor, than Nuke will be easier to get the hang of

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Exercise Guy
Xbox 360 pro's and cons. ps3 pros and cons, what do you think?

Xbox 360
PROS : better AA , faster loading during loading screens, xbox live is more advanced, more online players , cheaper prices , more games , better textures, personally i like the 360 controller better.. the analog stick is above the D pad which makes it little easier to aim.

CONS : EVERYONE KNOWS RROD. HIGH FAILURE RATE (MOST REASON WHY XBOX 360 people turn to ps3) , it heats up, i noticed its more louder(fans den ps3). customer support is not reasonable.. (if your lucky they will get u a new one even after ur warranty .. probably like a month after. dats all i…

I own both, but I have to say, if you're looking for a media console, PS3. Better Graphics, Blu-Ray, Internet, Very nice DVD player.

But if you just want a gaming console, go for the 360. Better live. WAAAY cheaper. Better controller IMHO. More fun to play. (Once again, IMHO.)

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