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Free textures on Flickr

Experimenting with texture (more added)

I just thought I would share a photo that I did using a texture that I found on Flickr. Flickr has thousands of free textures for download. I haven’t even seen all the textures available. When you get to flickr, just type in free textures and start browsing. Anyway, so I found this photo in my August files and decided to see what I could do with it. I coverted it to black and white using the Gradient Map and then adjusted the curves to give the photo a little more contrast. Then I applied this texture over it and adjusted the opacity a bit. I also used the eraser tool to take away a little of the texture over her face, as I didn’t want her face to be completely covered.

Textured words used from Peppermint Creative

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I'll take care of it for him

by TheMoronWhisperer

"My name is Tyler Parish. I am a 24 year old artist currently living in the Boston area. Most of my paintings are of an abstract nature, with some incorperating realistic depictions. They are a blend of textures, colours, light altering effects, and dimensions. All are original pieces. Please feel free to explore the gallery and I welcome your comments and thoughts. I sincerely thank you for your interest and hope you find them to your appeal."

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Question about textures?

Where do I get textures for photos like these... (notice the tiny bokeh in this photo)
Also, how do I get these types of textures to blend well with the background?
I don't want to put the texture over the whole photo but if I don't then it turns out that you can see where the layover starts and stops.
I use GIMP editor.

Textures are easy to come by - google for free ones to download or take your own photo of just about anything.
Use it as a layer, then play with the opacity (and blending modes) and mask out areas you don't want to have the texture showing on.

Where can I find Sarah Gardner textures for free?

I am in love with the textures used in this picture and I looked on her site and found many more that I like, but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find them for free.

If you like her work so much why would you want to steal from her? There is a reason she is charging for them. She does offer some of her textures for free. Either be happy with those or pay for fair use of her work.

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