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President's Choice® Gluten-Free Yellow Loaf Mix

I love cake more than I love most people I know. If I could eat cake every day for the rest of my life without suffering terrible health consequences, I would. Gluten free cake just doesn’t cut it. You need the dense, chewy, texture that only comes from glutinous cake flour. Still, I continue to hunt for convenient gluten-free box cake mix.

Enter President’s Choice® Gluten-Free Yellow Loaf Mix, available at Superstore or Loblaw’s locations. This is as close as I think you can get to a regular pound cake.

I will admit that I bought this because it was 50% off and I was feeling the need for some dessert when I saw it. It’s convenient too. Crack in two eggs, and then add half a cup of oil, and half a cup of water. The batter also tastes really good even though you shouldn't eat raw eggs.

Gluten-free baking has a few problems. The first is that a lot of times, baked goods don’t rise. The gluten protein is what allows the rising agents to form air pockets. Another issue is taht the foods crumble apart as soon as you pick them up. ird issue is that they set up like cement, and you break your teeth off. This avoids all three. Unlike a lot of cake mixes, this provides a spongy texture, while still maintaining pound cake density. It keeps this spongy texture for several days, avoiding cement-like consistency.

It looks normal, it tastes normal, it is normal. Your friends won’t even be able to tell.

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Don't risk it...lab tests are cheap

by I_Tested_My_Popcorn

I scraped off a small sample and put it in a plastic bag and took it to a lab. It only cost around $30 to find out the results. It's not much at all for peace of mind. Once you know it's asbestos free, you can do the removal yourself.
It's messy but SO EASY to do. Plus if you remove it all yourself, you can hire a good handyman off of CL to do it. I have a small condo and it will run me approx. $500 to get it re-textures after I remove it.
If you have any questions as to where to get it tested, go to yahoo and in the yellow page section type in your city and type in asbestos and it will tell you labs in your area

Scrub Daddy Scratch Free Scrub Daddy (Pack of 4)
Health and Beauty (Scrub Daddy)
  • A terrific helper for all kinds of cleaning tasks!
  • Won t scratch wood, plastic, stainless steel, non-stick coatings or glass
  • Sponge like in warm water, Firm in cold
  • Rinses clean and won t cling to debris
  • Pack of 4

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Dial Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings
Book (Dial)
  • Great product!

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ZuGadgets (iPad Mini) ZuGadgets Yellow /Stylish Folio Design Litchi Texture Premium PU Leather Protective Skin Trifold Stand Case Cover Wallet for Apple iPad Mini + Free Screen Protector (4324-1)
PC Accessory (ZuGadgets (iPad Mini))
  • Compatible models:Apple New iPad Mini
  • [10 colors available]Yellow,White,Blue,Brown,Pink,Green,Purple,Red,Magenta,Black
  • Material:PU leather
  • Premium and stylish;Secure Perfect fit for ipad mini
  • Size:approximately 20*13.8*1.5cm
Cherrybrook Kitchen Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix -- 16.4 oz
Health and Beauty (Cherrybrook Kitchen)
  • CBK SWEET REWARDSSweet Rewards is a program that rewards you for doing something you already do--purchase Cherrybrook Kitchen Products!Simply collect the bottom...
  • Cherrybrook Kitchen
The Deer Velvet Texture Material Sleeved Long Bottom Dress Size Free Yellow
Apparel ()
  • Style: Commute
  • Commute: Simple
  • Combination form: One piece
  • Skirt length: Middle-skirt
  • After you choose the color,check the second left picture.


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