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GIMP tutorial background image

Animating a Gif with stable background

Animating a Gif with stable background

I've been looking through the forum for a simple fix to my problem (which is probably user-related...) but have had no luck. So sorry if this question has already been addressed before and I missed it.

I'm trying to make animated gifs with transparent layers and one solid background layer. I had seen a tutorial a while back that could do such a task, but I'm guessing I don't have the right steps remembered. So here's what I've done so far. I've labeled the background layer as "Background" and the transparent layers as "Frame 1", "Frame 2", etc. When I export as a gif I utilize the Frame Disposal options and choose "Replace", because I want the previous text layer to disappear and only show the next text layer. ing the background. So then I tried the "Combine" option, and that also made a mess of things too.

I've included three pictures for reference, two are my failed gifs and the other is a screenshot of the Export dialog. I'm sure that there are other crucial steps I am missing to stop the background from becoming a moving frame, or is this even possible when making a gif? I'll also include the xcf file in case any one figures it out from behind the scenes. Thank you!

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I need help with GIMP!!

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I was having lots 'o' fun messing around with photos using the crappy program provided with my digital camera. However, I wanted more control/detail, so searched and found the GIMP. Now I'm utterly confused and frustrated. I downloaded the help manual, and have searched the web, but still cannot find simple solutions for the things I'd like to do. All the "help" info I've found online either makes little to no sense to me, or is all about stuff I'm not interested in doing. My primary focus is cutting out an image (i.e., removing all background) so that I can paste it onto another image

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