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HTML5 Animated background tutorial

Creating cool animations and transitions in HTML5 app for Intel Android devices

With the growing popularity of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the need for substitutes to the prevalent Flash* plugin from Adobe has also grown. Recently, Adobe promulgated that Flash will no longer be supported on mobile devices. Thus HTML5 is the future.

Canvas Tag

One problem with earlier versions of HTML was the lack of multimedia techniques. You could not show a video or draw on the screen. With HTML5, new elements such as and have been released. These elements give developers the ability to use multimedia technology in “native” HTML, just by writing some JavaScript* in combination with HTML. A straightforward action that should be provided by multimedia technologies is animation, and now HTML5 has some ways to do it.

One of the most exciting features of HTML5 is the element that can be used to draw vector graphics and engender astonishing effects, interactive games, and animations. The HTML5 Canvas is picture-perfect for creating great visual material that augments UIs, diagrams, photo albums, charts, graphs, animations, and embedded drawing applications. HTML5 Canvas works with JavaScript libraries and CSS3 allowing you to create interactive web-predicated games and animations.

The elementary code for using and setting a canvas looks like this:

Sorry, your browser doesn't support the HTML5 element canvas.

This looks similar to the element; the difference is that it doesn't have the src and alt attributes. The element has only two characteristics: width and height. If your renderings seem inaccurate, try designating your width and height attributes explicitly in the attributes, and not with CSS. The width and height attributes default to 300 and 150, respectively. The id will be used to initialize the canvas using JavaScript, and the text inside will be displayed as a call back when the mobile browser doesn’t support it.

Coordinate System

The prerequisite knowledge you need to draw on the canvas is the coordinate system. The canvas is constructed around the x and y coordinates. If you have worked with any other 2D graphics programming language, you already know the standard Cartesian coordinate system, where (0, 0) is the top left corner. If we want to move a square to the right, we have to increase our x-axis value; if we wish to move up, we have to decrease our y-axis value. The diagram below shows how the x and y coordinate system is implemented.

The diagram shows a canvas area that is 200 pixels by 200 pixels:

  • The top left corner is x=0, y=0.
  • The x value increases horizontally, and the y value increases vertically.
  • The bottom right corner is x=200, y=200.
  • The center point is x=100, y=100.

We define the init method, which is used for initialization. The canvas is blank. To draw something, JavaScript first needs to get hold of the rendering context. To do this, the element provides a getContextmethod that captures the rendering context and its drawing functions.

function init { var cans document.getElementById(“animation); var canctx = canvas.getContect(‘2d’); }

The cans variable captures the canvas that we can draw the graphics objects on, and canctx holds the rendering context. In this case it is a 2D graphics object.

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You need to study Manga

by atfirstlight

There are a ton of books and many tutorials on Manga and Anime on focus on the eyes which is half the battle.
looking at your website on you need to take a bit more time with your work and do something in the background. I know, I know, your just trying to capture a subject. But you seem to be looking to progress. for background composition, find artist who inspire you, and don't copy, but learn how they use backgrounds to play with shadow and highlights and perspective.
nothing wrong with deviantart, they have a very good feedback system. you should join groups for emerging artist and give and well as get feedback

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I am trying to make a website where the first page would be a login page and what I am attempting to do is to make so theres a video running in background and you have a login log on top of it, can anyone give me any advice how to do it or maybe point me the right dirrection? thank you very much x

You can't do a static button on top of a video in DW, since the media inserts are different. As such, the buttons need to a part of the video/animation itself. The only way you can really do it is if it's a Flash animation/video/movie (in which case the buttons are there), by using a JQuery slideshow, or an HTML5 animation (e.g., using Adobe Edge Animate).

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The intro of the video is a professional job. It's an animated 3D title with spotlights. You could do this with high-end effects software - like Adobe After Effects. Sony Vegas Pro also has 3D animation capabilities. It could be produced with Flash software ...but since Flash is being phased out in favor of html5, I wouldn't invest in Adobe Flash right now.

Corel's Motion Studio is also capable of producing 3D animated titles.
heart+GGF logo in the corner is simple picture in picture which all paid (commercial) software can do. You create the logo in a graphics…

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