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OpenGL texture atlas tutorial

Sprite Kit Tutorial: Animations and Texture Atlases

Selecting the Sprite Kit Game templateNote from Ray: Tutorial Team member Tony Dahbura has ported this tutorial from Cocos2D to Sprite Kit as part of the iOS 7 feast. We hope you enjoy!

In this Sprite Kit tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple animation of a bear walking using the brand new Sprite Kit framework that is part of iOS 7.

You’ll also learn how to make the animation efficient by using a texture atlas, how to make your bear move in response to touch events, and how to change the direction the bear faces based on where the bear is moving.

Let’s get started!

Name Project and Choose iPadCreate the Project

Let’s start by creating a Xcode skeleton for our project – create a new project File\New Project…, select the Sprite Kit Game framework in iOS Application and name it AnimatedBear:

Select Next and give the project the name AnimatedBear, Clear/Erase the Class Prefix field, and make sure the device is set for iPad.

First Run with Template CodeSelect Next and save the project to your disk.

Go ahead and run the project and you should see a Spaceship on your screen after you tap on the blue Hello World screen.

Now that your project is ready, it’s time to get some art for your bear. You are going to use some already designed animation art courtesy of Vicki Wenderlich. Download the art from BearImages Art.

Smoky says: Only you can start this bear!

These images are saved in the maximum required resolution – for an iPad with a retina display (2X) as well as non-retina versions (1x). These files are named bear1..n@2x~ipad.png and bear1..n~ipad.png respectively.

You could just add these directly to your Sprite Kit project at this point and create an animation based on these individual images. However, there’s another way to create animations that is more efficient – by using a texture atlas.

Texture Atlas’ and Bears, Oh My!

If you haven’t used a texture atlas yet, think of them as gigantic images that you put your individual animation images within. They come with a file that specifies the boundaries for each individual sprite so you can pull them out when you need them within the code.

Drag BearImages Atlas Folder into Xcode Assets Folder View in Xcode bearwalking updated bear animation withmovement

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