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OpenGL texture example Code

A real OpenGL ES 2.0 2D tutorial part 7 – Texture Atlas

Texture atlas used for tutorial 7.All OpenGL calls are quite expensive if look at the time needed for those calls (see part 5). In game development we want to reduce the amount of time needed to update and render a frame to minimum so we need to create a system that will need as little OpenGL calls as possible. This tutorial will show you how to use texture atlases so that you decrease the render calls quite a bit. This tutorial will continue on the code of the previous tutorials.

Rendering all sorts of 2D game objects takes a lot of rendering calls. Take for example a simple game of chess. You need to render the board, all the pieces, scores and some extra navigational graphics. If you do a render call to OpenGL for each object it will really be a burden on your frame rate. So we need a way to still render all those objects but reducing the amount of render calls. This is where the texture atlas comes into play.

On this result is clearly to see that there is no blending being done.A texture atlas is nothing more than a big texture that holds all, or a big part, of your textures. The idea behind it is that you only have to load 1 texture, create all the data for each object and ultimately use only one render call to OpenGL. It will be a lot faster this way.

The new texture

We will alter our sourcecode in such a way that our new output will be a screen full of these flowers randomly placed.

New SetupImage function

We will change the beginning of the function greatly as we will render 30 textured quads in this tutorial on screen. We will randomly choose the texture of our texture atlas.

public void SetupImage { // We will use a randomizer for randomizing the textures from texture atlas. // This is strictly optional as it only effects the output of our app, // Not the actual knowledge. Random rnd = new Random; // 30 imageobjects times 4 vertices times (u and v) uvs = new float[30*4*2]; // We will make 30 randomly textures objects for(int i=0; i


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