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Photoshop background texture Tutorials

30+ Best Texture Tutorials for Photoshop

Making art or various designs will often require different textures. It can be that you need it for that extra grungy look or maybe you are trying to recreate a piece of denim for a logo. It can be very useful to be able to make your own textures in Photoshop. This way you get the exact effect you want, its customizable, no need to pay anyone for the use of it etc.
I’ve collected some of the best texture tutorials I know of and hope these will inspire! Enjoy! :)

Denim, a rugged cotton twill textile has been around for a long time. The variations you can make to this are many. Check out the Bonus features at the end of this article as one of them features denim!

The texture of Grass can be used for many different designs, and also here the variations are many.

The crumbled paper texture is a texture that always is popular. It’s a fairly easy one to get realistic and the uses are many; business cards, websites, brochures, flyers – you name it.

Military style textures are mainly popular for those who make artwork that features military machinery or personnel. But how about switching the colors around a bit? That way you get a versatile look that goes with anything.

These cool and versatile scales can be made in any color combination you want. This can be used as an exotic part of a design or to actually be used as skin for a dragon, snake or dinosaur you’ve created.

This is a texture trying to recreate the look of the good old Mac Powerbook (g4). Nowadays many things do come with this finish, maybe it even could be cool for a web design or business-card?

To add an extra dose of industrial funk to your design this very easy-to-make texture is worth a try.

Rusty textures are quite in in several types of design. They make great additions to so-called “grungy” looks.

There are many ways of recreating the look of glass. This way is probably one of the easier ones.

By adding a texture to a picture you have you can make it fit better into a design or even on your wall. In this tutorial you will learn to make a canvas texture that has hundreds and hundreds of uses.

Marble has many different uses, mainly building and sculpturing. Marble comes in several color combinations from the pure white, via red and green – to black. In this tutorial you will learn to make a green one but changing the color is very easy.

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Transparent gif

by cdub

In photoshop, keep selecting all the background until you have all of you want to be transparent...Try deleting background and see if the underlying backgroundis already transparent. (If your final image is easy to select, select it directly.). If initially selecting the BACKGROUND, and you need to get a transparent bckgrnd, inverse the selection so the main subject is selected. You may already have a Transparent background (you'll see the checkerboard).
If you don't already have an underlying transparent background, Copy the selected imaged.
Open new file, with Transparent background

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Photoshop Backgrounds & Textures - How To Create Seamless Digital Textures & Photoshop Backgrounds Easily?

Interested in Photoshop backgrounds, textures & effects and need a professional-quality site or tutorial package that explains these skills in extensive detail.

This site has some great patterns and brushes, tutorials on how to use them and how to make your own:
site also has great tutorials:

Anna S
How to make textured background in photoshop?

I need them for photo effects.

U can try here

How do you do cool backgrounds on paint tool sai?

I now know how to do line art and color my charcters, only i want to add a nice background with custom brushes like gimp and not sure if you can put them in paint tool sai. what is an easy way how to make a nice background behind my charcter without messing up my charcter on another program(gimp 2.6)

You can try using different canvases as textures for background
this user used large brush and fuzystatic on paper
user imported design from photoshop
can open other images png, jpg, even basic psd files, and copy and paste into layers or use as new background,

You can use gimp to design patterns and designs, you can also use illustrator for designs
there are some pattern makers and various tools as well, start with paint tool sai and create scenery for you art, and have sets ready for use later, you can also blend layers…

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