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Photoshop Brushes, Patterns

Photoshop Brushes – Texture Options

The Texture options in the Brushes panel in Photoshop. Image © 2010 Photoshop Essentials.comSo far in our look at Photoshop’s powerful and amazing Brush Dynamics, we’ve seen how we can dynamically control the size, angle and roundness of our brushes as we paint using the options found in the section of the Brushes panel, and how we can scatter multiple copies of our brush tip along each stroke with the Scattering options.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at the Texture options, which give us the ability to add a texture to our brush, perfect for creating the illusion of painting on a textured surface like paper or canvas, or just for adding more interest to the shape of our brush tip!

To access the Texture options, click directly on the word Texture on the left side of the Brushes panel. Just as with the Shape Dynamics and Scattering sections that we looked at previously, we need to click on the word itself to gain access to the options.The options for the Texture dynamics in the Brushes panel in Photoshop. Image © 2010 Photoshop the name will turn the Texture options on but won’t let us change any of them:

Once you’ve clicked on the word Texture, the Texture options will appear on the right side of the Brushes panel. By default, the bottom half of the options are grayed out and unavailable. We’ll see how to enable them a bit later on:

A small dialog box in Photoshop. Image © 2010 Photoshop Essentials.comThe Texture options. Only the top half of the options are available at first.

Choosing A Texture

Even though Photoshop calls them Texture options, what you’ll usually be working with here is patterns, and we can use any of the patterns that Photoshop installed for us, as well as any patterns we’ve created ourselves. To choose a pattern, click on the pattern preview thumbnail at the top of the list of options:

This opens the Pattern Picker, which shows small thumbnail previews of all the patterns that are currently loaded into Photoshop. By default, there isn’t much to choose from. That’s because all we see are the patterns that Photoshop initially loads for us, but there are other pattern sets available. To load any of the additional pattern sets that Photoshop comes with, click on the small triangle icon in the top right corner of the Pattern Picker:

To load additional pattern sets, click on the small triangle icon.

The brush modes available in the Texture section of the Brushes panel in Photoshop. Image © 2010 Photoshop Selecting the Multiply brush mode in Photoshop's Brushes panel. Image © 2010 Photoshop

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I have downloaded all kinds of cool patterns and brushes for Photoshop CS3 from
I am creating some print work (newsletters etc.) in inDesign and Illustrator. Is there anywhere that I can dowlnload brushes and patterns for those programs?
Can I import PS brushes into Illustrator?

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Is there a program that converts PHOTOSHOP PATTERNS to paint shop pro?

Okay, so i have paint shop pro, and there isnt very many sites or downloads of patterns for paint shop pro, photoshop has tons and i love them.. but it's not viewable like brushes can be for other programs, if there isn't a program that converts the patterns to paint shop pro, is there at least a way to make it an image pack?

if none of this is making any sense could you just list the best sites with paint shop pro patterns.

please and thanks.
i'm looking for striped, dotted, grid, and spot patterns.

What a great question. I have both Photoshop Elements and PSP X2. I can use a lot of photoshop stuff in PSP but not pattern pat files. I looked everywhere and tried everything with no success. I finally just opened a pat file with Notepad thinking I know enough about most programming codes to remove just the bitmap images from the file. No way.... not only does Adobe use it's own code but it seems to be encrypted. It was really weird looking.

If there's a special pattern you can't find anywhere else, you can have anyone with Photoshop or with Photoshop Elements use it in…

pink&&tha brain!
Photoshop square background ?

Can someone help me find the little square background & and how to do it like in this picture:¤t=l_995880e4916b46ae96c60cc611e53226.png

First get a square pattern (if you haven't already)
Apply the pattern as the background
Get the pic of person/object and remove it from the background
Add onto original image
Add transparency (or a gradient transparency using a layer mask)
Go into that objects image properties and add a outer glow of your choice
Go into your colour tool of choice (hue, curves etc.)
Add some gradients to you background
Add text in your favourite font
Go into the fonts image properties and add a sharp stroke (stroke)
Duplicate text and…

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