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Photoshop Define pattern

Create a Colorful Geometric Pattern in Photoshop

Patterns are a great way to add additional texture and depth to your designs. Some can appear to be fairly complex, and the thought of making one can be overwhelming. You may find, however, that many aren't as difficult to create as they look. In this tutorial, I will show you an easy way to create colorful, and complex-looking geometric patterns in Photoshop.

Step 1

Create a new document (File > New). It can be any size you like. I used 1280 x 1024px because I want to work with large shapes to create the initial pattern.

Step 2

Go to and ensure that Snap is checked.

Then go to and have Rulers checked.

create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-create-a-new-fileStep 3

Set up a layer with the swatch colors seen in the image below. This will make your color choosing quicker when it comes to selecting colors for this tutorial.

2. Create and Place Your Shapes

Now that you have the canvas ready and your color swatches prepared, we can start with creating our initial pattern.

Select the Polygon Tool (U) and click on the right side of the canvas.

Make the polygon 200 x 200px with 8 Sides and click OK.

In your Layers panel with Polygon 1 selected, make the Opacity 50%.

create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-check-snapChange Polygon 1's Fill to #33cdc7.

Step 3

With Alt-Shift held, drag Polygon 1 on the canvas to your left until the shape overlaps the original shape as seen below.

Zoom in and use a Guide as necessary to ensure accuracy of alignment.

Repeat this step with Polygon 1 copy and then with Polygon 1 copy 2.

Step 4

Change the Fill of Polygon 1 copy to #1d7471, Polygon 1 copy 2 to #5ccdc9, and Polygon 1 copy 3 to #009b95.

Step 5

Select Polygon 1 in your Layers panel and while holding Shift, select Polygon 1 copy 3.

create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-swatchesWith the 4 shapes selected, hold Alt-Shift and drag the group on the canvas to the left and align the shapes in the same fashion as the others.

With the 4 shapes still selected, hold Alt-Shift and drag the group on the canvas to the left and align the shapes once more.

Step 6

Now with 12 shapes in total made, create a new Group folder, name it Blue Group, and drag the 12 shapes into this group.

With Blue Group selected, move the group so that it reaches from one end of the canvas to the other.

Step 7

Next with the group still selected, hold Alt and drag the group on the canvas up and slightly to the left so that the bottom of the polygons are nested above the original group.

In the Layers panel, rename the Blue Group copy you have now to Orange Group.

create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-create-polygon create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-50-percent-opacity create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-fill-color create-a-geometric-pattern-in-photoshop-duplicate-and-overlap

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