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Photoshop Patterns for Web Designers

Free Photoshop Pattern : 16 Awesome Patterns

Here is an excellent collection of awesome Photoshop patterns for web designers. The patterns come in handy for creating beautifully decorated borders, for rendering amazing backgrounds, for graphic designing of business cards, brochures, etc and the list goes on endless. These free to download PAT files are a great source of design inspiration as well as an appropriate investment for beautiful web designs.

There are a total of 34 for you to use, so there should definitely be something to fit your needs. These can turn plain colour backgrounds into stunning backdrops for your websites, graphics, and interfaces.

The Photoshop patterns (.pat) come in both black and white with a transparent background meaning they can be applied to almost any element or colour. Also in the download is a set of 20 500px x 500px transparent .pngs – one for each pattern.

More than 60 patterns ready to use with a simple .PAT file. Just change the background color and you will have unlimited possibilities.

Photoshop patterns with different notebook paper types. This set of paper textures contains a PAT file with 30 seamless patterns, some of them have transparency so that you can create notebook paper with different colors.

They are juicy geometric lines with muted blues, chartreuse and rusty oranges. Its basically a white zig zag line with a transparent zig zag so you can layer it with any color you want.

This is a quick tip in the form of screen cast, This is simple illustrator tutorial on how you can use illustrator in order to create gear vector icons. Funky Cool Star Circle Photoshop And Vector Pattern

DinPattern is a free seamless background pattern resource for designers, developers and artists.

A set of repeat patterns. Ideal for website backgrounds. The zip pack includes a Photoshop pattern file, 4 tiling JPEGs and my terms of use. These are for personal use only, and credit is required when you use them please.

Each camouflage pattern is available in vector format so it can be used at any size imaginable, as well as a JPEG format for everyday use in Photoshop.

free high res (300 DPI) paper pattern pack for photoshop & gimp. Enclosed are seamless tiles for using as a web background texture or pattern in gimp.

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Scan your pattern shapes into Photoshop in

by decker8r

Sections if necessary. (Taking a photo will distort their shapes slightly.) Stitch the pieces together, lining them up using different layers. If you are going to apply a repeat pattern, you can use "Define Brush" or "Define Pattern". By having the different pieces on separate layers, you can arrange them the way you want. Save the original psd file with layers in case you need to go back and change something later and save the file for the printer as TIFF after flattening the layers (or check with your printer). Also check with the printer as to what resolution they want it. Don't know your level of sophistication with the process or your resources, so I don't know how much detail to go into

How to use a Photoshop pattern to create a Photoshop brush
How to use a Photoshop pattern to create a Photoshop brush ...
Convert Illustrator swatches to Photoshop patterns
Convert Illustrator swatches to Photoshop patterns ...

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