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Photoshop Pixel Patterns

WDL Premium: Photoshop Pixel Patterns

patternsFor our WDL Premium Members, here is a pack of super nice Photoshop Pixel Patterns from Vandelay Premier. This set includes 100 repeating patterns for Photoshop. The patterns are mostly basic in nature and will allow you to easily create backgrounds for your own designs. Some use a transparent background so they can be applied on top of any color, and others use white, black, or gray backgrounds.

Here’s a preview of the patterns.

Download Photoshop Pixel Patterns

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Vandelay Premier provides web and graphic designers with high-quality resources for the purpose of making your life easier and your career more successful. Resources include: vectors, brushes, icons, templates, and more.

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How to produce pixelation

by melanopsin

Tooradical2 wrote:
"...reproduce the existing pixel values multiple times. That would magnify the image little loss of resolution."
In fact, there is a decrease in resolution because the image gets magnified. The original pixels become blocks of pixels all the same color, i.e. pixelation occurs.
A better technique is to make the new pixels using colors in-between the colors of the original adjacent pixels, to smooth color transitions and avoid pixelation. But if the colors of the original adjacent pixels are too different, an edge of contrast has been detected, so the new pixels colors are chosen to enhance that edge rather than blur it by using an in-between color

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