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Photoshop puzzle texture tutorial

Photoshop Puzzle Effect

A photo of a young boy playing in the water. Image licensed from iStockphoto by Photoshop, allowing us to turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle! Or at least, we’ll be creating the illusion that the photo is made up of small puzzle pieces, although I suppose you could print the photo afterwards, cut around all the pieces with scissors and make an actual puzzle out of it, but as I like to say, why fumble around with reality when faking things in Photoshop is so much easier.

As we’ll see, much of the work for our puzzle effect has already been done for us thanks to Photoshop’s Texturizer filter and a free texture that Photoshop ships with, although we’ll need to load the texture in ourselves, which we’ll learn how to do. We’re going to take things a bit further than that, though, and see how to make it look as if some of the pieces are still missing, giving our puzzle a "work in progress" appearance.

I should mention up front that while this photo effect is very easy to do, some of this tutorial involves using the Pen Tool, and since explaining how the Pen Tool works in Photoshop would require its own separate tutorial, I’m going to assume here that you’re already familiar with how to use it.The Layers palette in Photoshop. Image © 2008 Photoshop The Pen Tool tutorial which you can find in our Photoshop Basics section.

Here’s the photo I’ll be using for this tutorial, a little guy who’s obviously pretty psyched about having his photo turned into a puzzle:

The original photo.

And here’s how it will look with our Photoshop puzzle effect applied:

The same image after applying the Photoshop puzzle effect.

Renaming a layer in Photoshop. Image © 2008 Photoshop’s get started!

Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer

With our photo newly opened in Photoshop, the first thing we need to do is make a copy of our Background layer, which is the layer that contains our photo and is currently the only layer we have. Making a copy of this layer will allow us to do whatever we want to our image without harming it, since we’ll always have the original on the Background layer to fall back on if needed. The easiest way to make a copy of a layer is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J (Win) / Command+J (Mac). If we look in our Layers palette after pressing the keyboard shortcut, we can see that we now have two layers. The original Background layer is on the bottom, and a copy of the layer, which Photoshop has automatically named "Layer 1", is sitting above it:

Selecting the Fill command in Photoshop. Image © 2008 Photoshop Layers palette showing the newly created “Layer 1″ sitting above the Background layer.

Step 2: Rename The New Layer “Puzzle”

The Fill command dialog box in Photoshop. Image © 2008 Photoshop Selecting the Texturizer filter from the Filter menu in Photoshop. Image © 2008 Photoshop Clicking on the small arrow beside the Texture selection option, then select 'Load Texture'. Image © 2008 Photoshop Loading the Puzzle texture in Photoshop'. Image © 2008 Photoshop

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Transparent gif

by cdub

In photoshop, keep selecting all the background until you have all of you want to be transparent...Try deleting background and see if the underlying backgroundis already transparent. (If your final image is easy to select, select it directly.). If initially selecting the BACKGROUND, and you need to get a transparent bckgrnd, inverse the selection so the main subject is selected. You may already have a Transparent background (you'll see the checkerboard).
If you don't already have an underlying transparent background, Copy the selected imaged.
Open new file, with Transparent background

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Exploding face in photoshop?

How can I make a photograph of my face look like it is breaking apart into particles on one side of my face? I know I can use the splatter filter...and that's the look I want, but I can't figure out how to make it graduate from full face into the particles. Anyone know how I can do that or know of an alternative way to achieve this? Thanks

You could try duplicating the main picture layer (probably background) and then using the splatter filter on that then erasing half of it. Just use a big soft eraser brush and you should get a nice fade.

Cazzie x
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i dont actualy have the body shop on the sims 3 do you need it??

the main reason im asking this question is how do they do it on the sims 2 and how can you also do it on the sims 3 x
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If you want to do this you have to either use body shop (a program which is installed when you install your sims) or you download it off the internet though that's cheating. Mosot people do download the mesh off a downloading site or buy it off the sims main website.

Good luck and happy simming :)

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