Photoshop texture Making tutorial - Skin Investigation

Photoshop texture Making tutorial

Making a Nice Vector Graphic from an Image

Awesome graphics can be initiated from simple stuff nearby you e.g. human image or flag. In this time, a country flag and an image has been used for vector graphic creation.

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In this tutorial, it will show you how to create some line patterns. Sometimes, it will be nice to create your background with this kind of style. Easy, fast & simple! To create this, user has to be aware of contrast and brightness.

In this little Photoshop tutorial we’ll be designing a quick art piece, then we’ll be adding some texture to it, this is to demonstrate the use of texture in artwork, you can finish off by adding a few layers with solid colors in them, then mess with the layer modes and opacities.

In this tutorial, it will show you how to create an abstract background image using Photoshop. The design has a cool wavy pattern with interesting lighting effects. This is a combination of design effects.Impressive Colour Spectrum and Rainbow Tutorial r design pattern.

This tutorial is going to demonstrate you how to apply texture to a uneven surface. Flatly applying a texture across a whole image (as a means to age it or degrade it) is simple stuff. Realistically applying a texture to an uneven surface is much more difficult as more photoshop techniques are required.

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to feature a soft drink product.Textures to Images for extra ‘Oomph’ /p>

Lots of designers would like to add texture to their designs rather than direct painting. There are many ways to carry out. Here is a nice example to show you to apply the texture using texture paper.

In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create the awesome retro. Sometimes, it is better to apply the retro for your background rather than an image. As retro creation is relatively simpler. You can create your own retro easily by changing the color setting.

In this tutorial we’re going to create a metallic effect using layer styles and gradients that you can apply to different objects. We’ll put it on a nice background and create a style for lettering that makes it look like it’s embedded into the metal. And there you have it, the finished product!

Create a Wavy Blackberry Style Wallpaper Design How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces Create an Energy Drink Ad Design Adding Texture to your Artworks

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7 Free & Best Alternatives of Photoshop

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7 Best alternatives of Photoshop
Gimp : GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free softwareraster graphics editor. ... well known for its efficiency for image editing, cropping, photo retouching and many more.
Photo Pos Lite: Photo Pos Pro allows you easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos, and many more
Seashore: Seashore is an open source image editor for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes and many more

Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop BOOK TRAILER
Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop BOOK TRAILER
Texture Masks in Photoshop
Texture Masks in Photoshop
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Digital Software (Franzis Verlag GmbH-112110-112110)
  • Including 73 filter presets and 60 high-quality expert filters: Denoising, sharpen, gamma, brightness and shadow optimization, contrast improvement and many more
  • With classic analogue color filters, included textures and structures: Paper, cardboard, linen, fabric
  • 37 film emulations for virtually every historic film material from Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford and many more
  • Filter import and export - create your own filters and share or sell them to others
  • With an integrated RAW converter for virtually every RAW image format, with cropping and subtitle functions

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Photoshop tutorials...?

Do anybody know of an really good video tutorials for photoshop and possible illustrator? Like is REALLY good for After Effects... so i was wondering if there was any REALLY good tutorials for the other adobe products. Thank you

Here's some blogs you might want to take a look at. I check these every day but they don't all update every day.

addition, this is a collection of links that I've bookmarked over the past 9 months or so. Not all of these are video tutorials but hopefully you'll find something that will help.

Since Yahoo only allows 10 links per answer these won't have the http in front of them.

Hopefully you'll find something in that mess that will help you out.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions that you have as

Photoshop textures?

I want to add textures like this

i don't know if there…

Its the link for adobe photoshop cs2 &3 video tutorial some quality textures

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