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Photoshop Textures Style

Mastering Photoshop: Layer, Noise, Textures, Gradients and Rounded Rectangles


Probably the most obvious method for adding texture to a shape is to create a normal bitmap layer, fill it with a color, select Filter → Noise → Add Noise, then apply a mask or Vector Mask to match the element you’re adding noise to.

Using a high amount of noise, setting the layer blending mode to Luminosity and reducing the opacity will yield the most control over the noise with the least disturbance to the underlying layers.Screenshot se setting of 48% gives a high dynamic range without clipping the noise. (Clipping results in higher contrast, which might not be desirable.)

  • Layers: 2
  • Scales: No, texture will have to be recreated if the document is scaled
  • Works with Color and Gradient layer styles: Yes
  • Works with any texture: Yes


Adding an Inner Glow layer style with the source set to center and the size to 0 will let you use the noise slider to add texture to any layer.Screenshot e Glow layer style for something else. The noise is added above the Color, Gradient and Pattern layer styles, which is great.

Unfortunately, the noise can only lighten or darken the underlying elements. The previous bitmap layer method can add highlights and shade at once while maintaining the average luminosity, and it looks far better in my opinion.

  • Layers: 1
  • Scales: Yes, texture will be remade automatically
  • Works with any texture: No
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

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by anok

I'll definatly show my niece your portfolio. Looks very good.
The project that we are currently working on is slated for one year, but we left a 3 month float to familiarize ourselves with the engine. We've been at it for 2 months now... so hopefully it will be done by this time next year.
Basically, Torque is just the very basic code that runs the backend. From there we have to code in C and scripts, as well as develop models and textures.
I'm doing the graphics and some scripting, so I'll be using Photoshop (mostly), 3d Studio Max, Poser, some CAD programs, possibly Maya, and Textpad

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How to make a brick wall design in Photoshop?

Hey I was given an assignment to make a logo that uses a brick wall with words embossed towards the front like, the words were pushing against the wall towards the front and making an imprint if you understand what I mean. I have never done that before and I'm interested in perhaps a tutorial or someone to tell me how that's done. Unfortunately all I have is Photoshop CS4 (portable) so that's the only program I can make the logo with? So to reiterate, can anyone throw me a tutorial or tell me how to do said design? This is a timed question, answer due tomorrow.

*side note*…

Your best bet is to do up the image by hand (well at least the general composition), and scan and import into PS.
Then you can line your work and apply the brick texture by hand or use a pattern in photoshop.
You can also create your own patterns you can use a texture (which might not look as clean depending on how you do it, but could save time) logos, photoshop isnt really the way to go. I think illustrator would be your best bet, as its vectors, not pixels, and caters to the font design and such. photoshop.. not really.
however if you're limited to photoshop, its…

Dirk Phoenix
Photography: What Photoshop tutorials would you like to see?

I want to make some new youtube tutorials and want to make the ones that people want!

I'd like to see one on using masks - I use them to some extent but I remember learning one use that I have now totally forgotten how to do. The professor took a photo of a lion and a photo of a lady, then blended their faces together using masks so that one side of the face was a lion and the other side was a lady.

The other thing from that class that I have forgotten how to do because it had like a million steps was that he took a logo and a rough, crumbly brick wall, then got the logo onto the wall with the rough crumbly texture so that the logo looked like it had been…

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