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Photoshop Texturing Tutorials

How to Shade and Apply Texture to Line Art in Photoshop

Step 2

Choosing the Selection Tool (V), we are going to drag the foreground out of its file and drop it on top of the background file. Normally it will click in place perfectly (default setting), but if that isn't the case, then you want to check what option your magnetism is set on. Go to Appearance > Magnetism. There are two, choose the one with the option arrow beside the word and a side window will appear. This is where you will see the options 'All' or 'Without'. Select 'All'. Apologies, my program is in french, so everything appears in french. You can't change the language without re-installing the program.

Step 3

We are going to create a handmade reference as to where the light will hit. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect, this is just to ease yourself into the process of shading. I know I personally sometimes get confused throughout this step and this 'trick' tends to help me out. Create a new layer on top of the foreground and background layers, titling it "Lightsource". Now choose your Paintbrush Tool (B) and select a hard, round edged brush (Photoshop's default brush set) at about 50px. The size of the brush will depend on how big you saved your Illustrator files. dth, hence why I selected a relatively large brush so the lightsource will be easy to see. After having chosen your brush size, lower its opacity between 40 and 50%, so you'll be able to see the illustration underneath. Once that done, we can start!

Step 4

In this illustration we have windows on the left and the right and they are located behind the objects, flora, character etc. So we want to make the center of the objects dark and allow light to hit both the left and right side of them. re actually starting to shade. Select the white color on your color palette and roughly paint over the edges you think the light will appear. If you find the light source reference we made to be hindering, select the layer and lower it more in opacity before starting on the shades. I lowered it to about 10%. Now that we have an idea of where the shadows should be, we want start. Either start with the background or foreground, it doesn't really matter in what order you do it. What does matter is that you shade them separately, as the shade on the foreground will need to be more pronounced than the background. I'm going to use the background as an example.

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by anok

I'll definatly show my niece your portfolio. Looks very good.
The project that we are currently working on is slated for one year, but we left a 3 month float to familiarize ourselves with the engine. We've been at it for 2 months now... so hopefully it will be done by this time next year.
Basically, Torque is just the very basic code that runs the backend. From there we have to code in C and scripts, as well as develop models and textures.
I'm doing the graphics and some scripting, so I'll be using Photoshop (mostly), 3d Studio Max, Poser, some CAD programs, possibly Maya, and Textpad

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Photoshop tutorials...?

Do anybody know of an really good video tutorials for photoshop and possible illustrator? Like is REALLY good for After Effects... so i was wondering if there was any REALLY good tutorials for the other adobe products. Thank you

Maybe you can have a try to good luck

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