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toradora-photoshop-1.jpgToradora appears to be an anime where the staff have been uncharacteristically dependent on taking their cameras around Tokyo in order to make the backgrounds; a great number of such scenes have been discovered, and doubtless there are many more:

These scenes are all from northern Tokyo (Kita-ku), though a letter in the show lists Aisaka’s address as being in Saitama.

Photoshop anime or legitimate use of photographic reference, call it what you will, but it seems we are receiving a rather convincing picture of northern Tokyo whilst viewing the title. And of course such economies can have positive effects on overall production values.

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Saving Photoshop file to .jpg, WITH transparency

by go_for_it

Hi all - this has been bothering me for awhile; is there a method when you have a file with a transparent background in Photoshop, and want to save it as a .jpg, where it keeps the transparent background?
Everytime that I have tried it, the .jpg process fills it in as a white background. Irritating.
Hopefully, I'm just missing something, as the .jpg format is kinda important for my needs.

How to: Change Image Background to Transparent in Photoshop
How to: Change Image Background to Transparent in Photoshop
Isolate Foreground from background in Photoshop
Isolate Foreground from background in Photoshop

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