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Planet texture tutorial

The Ultimate Gimp Planet Tutorial |

the ultimate gimp planet tutorial previewEver wanted to create realistic planets? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a planet, and more importantly how to create planet textures. We will have a look at several different planets to see how they are created, and how to easily change the look of planets using layer modes.


These are the planets we’ll have a look at, we will focus mainly on how to create that blue one:

Here is a larger preview of the blue planet we will create:

Read this if you want to save some time:

This tutorial is split into three parts, in the first part we create a basic planet with atmosphere and shadow, but with no textures. In the second part we create and place textures on the planet we made making it look like an actual planet (the fun part in other words), the third part is rather small and just gives you some planet making tips and a quick look at how to create some other planets.

So if you just prefer to read along, or if you’re already comfortable with making the basic planet and just want to learn about textures then you can download this xcf file and just read part1. The xcf file contains all the work we do in part 1 of the tutorial (except installing the script of course).

Step 1

To make our task easier we’re going to use a script, you can download it here. (depending on your browser, you might need to either right-click and choose Save Link as, or click on the link and then choose File->Save as). If you can’t get that to work then download this zipped version of the script instead, remember to unpack it.

Gimp planet tutorial preview of all planetsTo install the script simply place the file called “planet-render-gtuts-edition.scm” inside your Gimp scripts folder.

    Place the script in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\.gimp-2.6\scripts
    Open your Home folder, then press Ctrl-H to see hidden files, place the script inside .gimp-2.6/scripts. Press Ctrl-H again to hide the files.
  • MAC
    In Gimp go to Edit->Preferences.
    Select Folders, and then Scripts. In the window on the right it should say where to put the script. (in many cases there are two different folders you can put them in, it shouldn’t matter which one you put it in).

After the script has been placed inside the folder:
In Gimp go to Filters->Script-Fu->Refresh Scripts.

Finding the planet render menuThat’s it, now it should be installed.

Many thanks to Rore for making the script possible!

Step 2

Now go to File->Create->Misc->Planet render edition.

Set the Planet size to 600, and make sure the Planet color is 0a4664.
The outer atmosphere color usually works best with white or a brighter version of the planet color, since our planet is blue we set the atmosphere color to a bright blue such as b0eeff.

Also set the sun orientation to 315, and untick the Add Glow box.

That should give us this:

Step 3

See that selection around the planet? We’re going to need it for a path so click on Select->To path.
It looks like nothing happens, but the path is actually stored in the paths dialog.

We also need another path from that as well, but we want it slightly smaller, so first go to Select->Shrink, and shrink by 1.

After you’ve done that go to Select->To path.

Now we have two paths, one slightly smaller than the other, we’re going to use them both later when we work on the atmosphere.

Planet script settings Planet with selection around it Shrink by 1 Selection covering large part of the planet

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