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PSD to HTML Tutorial

PSD to HTML TutorialGet the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now

Last week we published a tutorial for designing a basic corporate website layout in Photoshop, and in this tutorial we will walk through the process of coding that design in HTML and CSS. Here is a look at the design that we will be coding (click the image to see it in full-size).

In order to work though this tutorial you will need the PSD file from the first tutorial which can be downloaded here. PSD to HTML Tutorial p copy of the PSD in case something that we do messes up the file that you are working with.

Step 1: The Files and Folders

The sample site that we will be coding will be contained inside a folder called “consulting” (of course, you can call the folder whatever you like). That folder will contain index.html and style.css. Also, the “consulting” folder will include an “images” folder where we will store all of the images that will be used to create the page. Go ahead and create those blank files and folders now.

Step 2: The Images

Before we get started with the HTML and CSS coding, we will first prepare all of the images that will be used in the design, including those that will be used as background images with CSS.

The design contains 10 images, so let’s get started with the one that will be used for the body background. Our design includes a narrow dark stripe with a thin border at the top of the page, followed by the header, a green horizontal band, and then the light gray background of the page. When we code the site we’re going to use the light gray as the body background color, and we’ll use an image to set the stripes and horizontal bands.

PSD to HTML Tutorial PSD to HTML Tutorial PSD to HTML Tutorial PSD to HTML Tutorial


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