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Rusted metal texture Photoshop Tutorials

How to Create a Rusty Texture in Photoshop

Step 1: Removing Perspective

This image doesn't have a full frontal perspective so I've transformed it (Command + T), and then right-click and Distort, to remove the perspective. Make sure to use a high resolution image or it will become blurry when transforming.

Step 2: Adding Good Contrast

If we want to work with the fusion mode layers, we have to decrease the lightness and contrast in our image. You should use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer, so you can always go back and make any correction (non destructive action). You need to do a selection of the grille (Command-click on the layer's thumb) and click the Create New Fill Adjustment Layer icon button, as shown below.

A menu will pop up, I set the Saturation to zero and I decreased the Illumination to -50.

By decreasing the Illumination, the image looses contrast, so we better give the shadows some strength by adding another Adjustment Layer, this time I choose the Levels corrector and used the settings shown below. And now our object is ready to texturize!

Step 3: Adding Noise

When it comes to texturizing a rusty object, noise is the key. To add noise, I create a new layer and put it in Overlay mode. Then I fill it with a mid gray (#808080) and I use the filter Noise > Add Noise with the settings shown below.

As you can see, the layer in Overlay mode with mid gray and noise is the equivalent to add noise to the image itself, but we have the advantage that our original image won't be modified (non destructive action).

Step 4: Adding Color

To color the image we add a new layer in Overlay mode and fill it with the color #551c08 (just double-click the color picker in the tools palette and paste the code at the bottom).

Step 5: Adding Dirt

Now I create a new layer, and I added some stains courtesy of Gomedia (you can ), with variations of the same brown I used before (#551c08). You can use the Dodge Tool, the Burn Tool, layers in Multiply mode, cut, paste and rotate... until you get something similar to that shown below.

Try to be creative, our purpose is to get different tones. Then we put the layer in Overlay mode and play with opacity, which gives us the following result.

Step 7: Blurring the Noise

I repeat Step 3 to add noise, but this time I also add some blur to make the grain blur a bit and mix everything. Notice how it manages to make the lines not so perfect or clean.

Step 8: More Levels Correction

The image is too dark so I added another Adjustment Layer and modified the Levels again to give the image more lightness and saturation.

Step 9: Color Correction

The image is a bit monochrome, so we are going to vary the highlight and midtones a bit. I add a new adjustment layer and choose the Color Balance modifier for this.

Step 10: More Stains

Let's add a little more dirt on the top. So repeat Step 5, but this time put the layer in Multiply mode with 44% Opacity.

Step 11: Backup and Flatten the Layers

OK, we're almost done so I'm going to group all the layers and save a backup:

  1. Select all the layers but the gray background.
  2. Drag the group to the new layer button at the bottom of the layers palette to duplicate it.
  3. And finally select the second group and press Command + E to flatten all the layers. This is our final image and the group is our backup.

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