Skin texture tutorial Maya - Skin Investigation

Skin texture tutorial Maya

Autodesk Maya – Polygons Texture Tutorial

Display UI Elements Helpline (Tick)Step 2
Make sure Display > UI Elements > Help Line is turned on. You will use the Help Line while modeling.

Step 3
Ensure that the interactive creation option for primitives is turned off by selecting Create > Polygon Primitives > Interactive Creation. The option is off when a check mark does not display beside the item’s name in the menu.

Step 4
now lets start with creating a cracker box ^^
1. Select Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube > [].
2. In the Polygon Cube Options window, select Edit > Reset Settings, set the following options, and then click Create:
* Width: 8
* Height: 10
* Depth: 3
* Width divisions: 1
* Height divisions: 1
* Depth divisions: 1
* Axis: Y
* Create UVs: On
* Normalize: Off

Create Polygon Primitive Interactive Creation

Step 5
after you done a box, dubble click on the box then a menu should pop up at the right corner
then right click on one of the edge, select pcube

Step 6
after you’ve done that Rename the pCube1 primitive to: cracker_box
then go to polycube1 and change the width to 8, and height to 10 and depth to 3

Step 7
now Applying a texture map to a polygon mesh
1. In the scene view, select Shading > Smooth Shade All from the panel menu.

Step 8
ok now, In the scene view, right-click on any region of the cracker box and select Assign New Material > Lambert from the marking menu.

Create Polygon Primitive Cube

Step 9
A new Lambert shading material is created and assigned to the cracker box.
The Attribute Editor appears and displays the various attributes for the new Lambert shading material.
In Attribute Editor, double-click in the lambert2 box and then type: box_material to rename the shading material.

Step 10
In the Attribute Editor, move the Color slider fully to the right so that the color box appears white.

Results: You should get something like this…

Step 10
Click the Map button located to the right of the Color slider.

Step 11
after you done that, The Create Render Node window appears and lists the various texture options you can apply (or connect) to the color channel of the box material.

Step 12
Download this file from megaupload or mediafire (ducky psd file)
select gettingstartedlessons/rendering/sourceimages/UVLesson.psd
Open UVLesson.psd with photoshop

Step 13
Click PSD File from the list of 2D Textures.

Step 14
In the scene view, select Shading > Hardware Texturing from the panel menu to display the texture map on the cracker box model. (Click the word “hardware texturing”). After you click it, it will be tick (activated!)

Shading Smooth Shade All Lambert Attribute Editor Within Create Render Node Window Click PSD Select the PSD file from the downloaded attachment


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Maya autodesk questions?

Ok hi i want to make a 3d soldier like maybe something like halo, gears of war or maybe world of warcraft

Ok so ye i know about the skel to move it all but i cant find 1 single tut to show me how to make a person!? can i make it or do i need a some kind of texture to gen it all onto the skel?

And if u can maybe give me a good tut website for like making guns, blood, water and that kind of stuff it would really help

TY :)

You should check out 4chan (google it). There's a 3DCGI board that is amazing and you can learn a lot from them if you just lurk. They're very harsh, and not friendly, but lurk a lot and you'll be learning from a lot of people- including people from bungie, id, epic.. etc. It's anonymous though.

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