Stripes Patterns for Photoshop - Skin Investigation

Stripes Patterns for Photoshop

Striped Pattern Photoshop Tutorial

photoshop-striped-patternHow to Create a Striped Pattern in Photoshop

Step 1:

Open up a new document 100 pixels by 100 pixels. Make the background transparent.

Step 2:

Select the pencil tool.

Step 3:

Make sure that the square brushes are loaded. If they are not, you can load them by selecting the drop down menu for the pencil tool, then clicking the wheel icon, then clicking “Square Brushes”.

Step 4:

Using your pencil tool and whatever color you want, set the pencil size to 50 pixels and fill in one corner of your canvas.

Step 5:

Using the crop tool, crop your image so that only your square and another transparent half of the canvas that is the same size as your square remains.

Step 6:

From the navigation at the top, select “Edit” > “Define Pattern”. That’s it! Open up a new document with a background the color of your choosing, and select your pattern using the fill tool to create a striped pattern.

Photoshop Stripe Tutorial photoshop-striped-tutorial

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Image Ready to DreamWeaver Question...

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Hi there,
I am working on a website. I designed the layout in Photoshop, sliced it up in Image Ready and then brought the slices and html into Dreamweaver.
So, I have a background pattern that I want to tile. So, I in Photoshop/Image Ready, I deleted the background and my text and images are placed with no background. I sliced up everything in Image Ready and planned to add the tiling background in DreamWeaver..But there was a PROBLEM..
When I brought in the slices from Image Ready, it somehow added a white background to every image. So it covers up the tiling pattern I set as a background in DW

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Photoshop tutorial - Color stripes pattern?

Hi, sorry to bother, but I was wondering how this kind of pattern is made?

I hope someone here can tell me or better yet, point me towards a nice tutorial, because I haven't been able to find one myself.

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide. ;)
thanks so much Iris María, you've been really helpful ^___^

You can simply do it in corel draw in any version. just create a pattern diff rectangular shape and put diff color of each bar then go to transformation and transform it forward to copy same spacing. then select all copy down movement. and expoert in jpg format

Megan loves you.
Photoshop help? easy?

Okay so this is probably easy to anyone who knows how to use photoshop, but im just doing a project and i need to know how to take a pattern like tiger striped and put it on somebodies skin. kinda like in this picture.

anybody pleasee help. and i need this fast too cause my project is due tomarrow and i have to do it in his class before he collects it pleaseeee

First define your pattern - you will need an image with the stripy pattern that you want, draw a marquee around the area you want to use and go to menu Edit>Define Pattern.

Once your pattern is defined, use the Pattern Stamp Tool (the alternative to the Clone Stamp Tool) and use this to paint in the area of skin you want to alter.

For step by step instructions check the Photoshop Help files, search for pattern.

Photoshop Plaid Pattern?

I'm trying to find a brown plaid pattern.
I want it like this but brown.

Similar to spoky's answer, one layer vertical 50% fill of the darkest brown you want, duplicate layer, rotate 90º, set transparency effect to multiply.

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