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Texture baking tutorial

Texture Baking tutorial

Texture Baking tutorial

Paul Hatton of design studio CADS 3D presents an exclusive 3D Artist Q&A on creating realistic lighting using texture baking

Texture baking is something I studied several years ago at university. We had created a character in 3ds Max and needed to import it into a game environment. This meant it required realistic textures with Global Illumination and Reflections. Programming these properties into the game engine would have been possible but not ideal, due to time and complexity.Texture Baking tutorial od.

Texture baking can also be referred to as rendering to texture, it enables you to create texture maps based on an object’s appearance in the rendered scene. The texture that is created is then mapped onto an object and can be used to display the textured object rapidly, in a range of different interactive environments and game engines.

Now let’s look at a rendered example. If you were to render a wine glass using your favourite renderer, it would obviously be reflective, refractive and include the shadows of any objects surrounding it that are blocking light sources. All of these things are calculated by the renderer and are then displayed on the screen. The texture baking process takes all these realistic properties of your object and bakes them into a 2D image. It then applies them back onto the object.Texture Baking tutorial d be similar to taking a photo of a wooden surface, because you would find the photo would have all the refl ections already baked into it.

Let’s get a bit more practical. You can texture bake using a variety of renderers including mental ray, which ships with 3ds Max or V-Ray, which we will be using for this example.

The process for us will be split up into two main sections. The fi rst will be to unwrap the object. This process is required because we need to flatten the faces of the object so that each face is assigned a portion of the final baked image. Without the object being unwrapped, 3ds Max would not know how to split up the faces and produce the baked image.

The second will be to carry out the actual texture baking and to create the final baked image. This is a fairly straightforward process in essence, but there are also some extra features that will unfortunately be beyond the scope of this brief explanation.

With all that being said, I would advise making your first example very simple. Maybe even just a box sitting on a plane with one light illuminating it.

Texture Baking tutorial Texture Baking tutorial Texture Baking tutorial Texture Baking tutorial

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If you don't already have an underlying transparent background, Copy the selected imaged.
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I use a clay gun, i got mine at hobby lobby, i think i've seen them at walmart & michaels. i had to have it for a pottery class, but it works with other clays as well, i even have one to use for my baking class, so when i frost a cake and i want something to have hair, this works much better than the decorating tips.

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using brush stamps
bump map could be the texture extraction from object , that you would export, and use Photoshop tools to create uv image map to place back on model,

or if you meant a premade texture to paint onto model, you could try brush stamp at paint selected areas,

not certain on how stencil format is described for purpose of application to object, if stencil bitmap image is too small you can resize or design in image editor ,

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