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Texturing in Photoshop

Making a Simple Art Portrait

In this tutorial, you will see how to create this cool, grainy work with this art portrait. It will show you to create some vector portraits, then get texturing in Photoshop with self-made brushes.

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To create a character, hair is always a difficult part to make. This tutorial is going to describe how to make a few different hair styles. And you will learn how to adjust the hair color, skill for adding shine to hair.

In this tutorial, it will show you how to design a nice Disney Picture Logo or wallpaper – “Bolt” on a brown surface. This design is simple but elegant. Of course, you can apply the same idea on different kind of areas such as your personal logo.

Technique for Style Hair ColoringIn this tutorial, you will learn how to paint a Japanese lady. It is like other painting tutorial. You need to scan your drawing first, then start to conform the image on photoshop. After these steps, you can start to paint the image.

When you look at some nice arts or drawings. It seems very difficult to process them, but it is not. As long as you initiate some draftings like normal art paintings, you can use photoshop brushes to paint.

Painting a cartoon scene is not easy. From drafting to painting, it takes a long while to carry out. Here will go through with you the steps of painting a cartoon character and what factors have been considered to form a background for this scene.

We’re going to create a simple Valentine’s Day e-card for your special someone. Believe it or not, we’re done. And it was such as short tutorial. You can create the card for your another half!

Some of you may be comic lover. This tutorial will give you a simple idea of how a comic is developed. You will see how the comic is painted layer by layer and finally end up with a nice result. You can take a look on this and design your own one.

Walt Disney Pictures – BOLT Extreme Digital Painting for a Japanese Lady Paint a Wonderful Art using Photoshop Painting a Fighting Scene in Photoshop

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You mean 3d modeling, not programming.

by anok

3DSMax would be the standard, yes. There are many forums dedicated to this program... just google it.
You might want to play with something simplier first though, Sketch-Up is a fun one that will give you the basics of x, y, and z. I believe they have an evaulation version.
You'll also want to learn 2d apps for texturing. Nothing beats Photoshop in this regard.

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Apply texture to an object photoshop CS5?


( First of all sorry for the mistakes, I'm not an english speaker )
I'd need some help with Photoshop. I'd like to apply a texture to an object.
Let me explain. I have two pictures, one of a barby doll and another one of an icecream. And what i want to do is to turn the barby doll into an icecream. As if the icecream was Barby shaped.
Hope I'm making myself understand.

Hope someone can help me!
If so please be as precise as possible :).

Go to the main toolbar and select "filters" then select "texture" from there you can choose from many different textures. You can see what each texture looks like before you make your final decision by clicking "OK".

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