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Tutorial background sidebar

Learn how to create your own custom Twitter background.

Twitter backgroundToday, I’ll be showing you how to create your own custom Twitter background, just like the above . Why create a custom Twitter background? There are many good reasons to spend some time to create one. The most common one of course is to express yourself, to ‘decorate’ your Twitter page and make it look nicer. Of course there are much more benefits than just that. Putting your Contact info is great for networking, or if you’re a freelance ‘insert job’ and are looking for more clients, this is a great way to advertise yourself! Spice it up even more by adding some bio information of yourself, your achievements and experience, and much more. Check out the example below, of . Circled in red is the Sidebar.

mashable twitter pageThis tutorial is only if you want to personalize a sidebar at the sides of your page. If you simply want a solid color, a photo or repeating pattern as the background, you can simply change the background image at Twitter’s profile settings.


You might want to think how you want your background to be designed, brainstorm about ideas/themes/colors that reflect your personality, or your company/brand/image.

This tutorial was done on Adobe Photoshop CS5. Other versions may vary slightly.

Step 1:

twitter sidebarOpen a new document, via the Menu Bar: File < New and create a width:200pixels x height:600pixels document, in 72pixels/inch. The reason for using a low resolution is we want the background to load quickly. This entire canvas will be your Sidebar in your twitter profile page.

Step 2:

The sidebar is basically where you design and customize what you want your followers to view on your profile page! As introduced earlier on, it’s a great place to put extra information you want your followers to see, like bio information, contact info, achievements/experience, other links, and more! For me, I’ll just be putting my PhotoshopTutorial logo-banner. It’s pretty long horizontally and obviously it’s not gonna fit into 200px worth of width, and it will be too small if scaled down to fit horizontally. So I’m just gonna flip it up and put it vertically, nice and snug.

NOTE: Just design all the important elements that you want such as text or logos or images. Leave the background as transparent by hiding the background (click on the eye beside the background layer). The background should be checkered white and grey boxes if its transparent. The reason why it is black below is to show you the artwork clearly.

photoshoptutorial twitter sidebar twitter custom background twitter custom sidebar twitter custom background diagram

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FYI, just some addressing background

by mshanahan

You don't need to XXX out 192.168.XX.XXX. the 192.168.????.???? is a private address group for your lan. (All my LANS are 192.168.SOMETHING, and I have at times had as many as 6 routers running on my LAN, with only the first one after the DSL modem being the DHCP server) The linksys router will use NAT (Network Address Translation) to hide that from the internet.
Hope this helps.
PS: there are some tutorials available on the web for free on addressing. I know my netgear equipment has one on at least 2 of the CDs for the routers that I have.
Good Luck, and yes Linksys will help you, but in some cases free support stops at 90 days after purchase (Netgear for instance), but I assume that you just purchased these.

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