UV texture tutorial Maya - Skin Investigation

UV texture tutorial Maya

Creating UVs for Characters in Autodesk Maya*

by Ryan Bird

UV mapping is the process of manipulating a 3D mesh’s texture coordinates (U and V) to work with a 2D image, used as a texture. Mapping UVs correctly ensures that a texture will look good on a mesh, with little to no texture stretching or seams.

Depending on the media a model is being made for, character UV techniques can vary. When I worked on video games, I had to apply UVs to anything put in the game: Even if a model was only using a flat color for a texture, it needed to have a UV layout for the engine’s sake. For movie and broadcast models, UV layouts are only necessary for models that need a texture-anything using materials with no maps would not.

Regardless of whether you’re using a model in a real-time environment or as part of a rendered sequence, it is important to make UVs look as nice as possible. Here are a few steps and tips to help you make UV mapping work cleanly and efficiently.

The UV Texture Editor

Becoming familiar with the UV Texture Editor is an essential part of the UV process. You’ll do most of your UV work here. Although the UV Texture Editor contains quite a few tools, I only go over some of the more commonly used utilities. m>Window > UV Texture Editor.

Figure 1 shows the model that I’ll be working on. It’s a low-resolution (about 2, 000 polygons) fairy model that could essentially be used for a real-time environment or video game engine.

Figure 1. Low-resolution fairy model

When modeling with basic primitives in Maya, these primitives will bring in their own UV set, unless previously specified. After finishing up the modeling, I’m usually left with UVs that look scrambled, as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2. An unmodified set of UVs that look scrambled.

Because these scrambled UVs are so confusing and it’s difficult to see what’s going on, I just delete them and start from scratch. From the Polygons menu, clicking dit UVs > Delete UVs completely gets rid of any UV information, and the UV Texture Editor will be blank.

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Can any one define wht is "uv" in maya.?

Uv ~Unity View
UV Texture Editor

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