Wood floor Patterns Photoshop - Skin Investigation

Wood floor Patterns Photoshop

Make a Seamless Wood Floor Pattern in Photoshop

This tutorial demonstrates an easy way to create a seamlessly tiling wood floor pattern out of a photo of wood grain. The resulting pattern can be used as a background for print or web. There are many resources available for free wood grain textures, and this process will produce nice results with many different wood photos. I found the one I’m using here on Deviant Art courtesy of SweetSoulSister.

Final Image

The result of this tutorial will be an image that can be used as a tiling pattern that resembles a hard wood floor.

Step 1

Step 2

Open the texture in Photoshop and do any prep work. Don’t forget to unlock the layer by double clicking it and clicking “OK”.

In this case, I made a small adjustment to the Levels (Image > Adjustments > Levels or ⌘+L). This makes the texture a bit darker and gives it a deeper red.

Step02Step 3

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the first plank. Use the Info Palette to make sure the proportions are nice round numbers. This example uses planks that are 100 x 800 pixels. I always like to make patterns as large as possible so that they can be used for both print and the web by scaling it down later to suite your needs.

Step 4

Make a second Photoshop document 600 x 1600px at 72 dpi, and pick a Black background.

Step 5

Step02bWith the Ruler visible (⌘+R), make a grid by dragging guides out while holding down the shift key.

Dragging from the Side, place a guide at every 100px.

Dragging from the Top, place a guide at every 400px.

Step 6

Go back to the original photo and Copy (⌘+C) your selection, then Paste (⌘+P) that selection into the grid you just created.

Make sure “Snap to Guides” is selected and position the plank in the top left.

Step 7

On the original, pick a new plank by moving the selection to a new spot on the photo. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), and the “New Selection” box selected, just move the cursor over the selection and drag it to a new spot.

Step03Step 8

Copy the new plank and Paste it directly below the first one in the grid document.

Step 9

In the wood grain photo, move the selection again to pick a New Plank. This time, position it in the second column so that only the bottom half is showing.

Make a copy of this plank by dragging the layer down to the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette. (Or Right Click/Control Click and select “Duplicate Layer”).

Drag the copy straight down while holding the Shift button so that only the top half of the plank is showing.

You probably can guess what’s next. Grab another plank to put in between them.

Step 10

Continue to move the selection and fill in the grid with new planks using the process described in Steps 6-9. Every other column needs to use the same plank for the top half and bottom half! You can toggle the guides on and off by pressing command and semicolon ( ⌘ + ).

Step04 Step05 6b 6c

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