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Wood Photoshop texture

My first photoshop texture!

wood, photoshop, texture It has only been a couple of months or so that I actually started using a texture in photoshop here and there and experimented with them. Or even added digital bokeh to some of my pictures to enhance them. There are a lot of great people on the internet, who will share their wonderful textures with you. Some of them come with restricted usage, some do not. Please do the right thing and check before applying them to your photos.

But talking about this picture here, which I took while David was doing a little herb planting on the weekend. A few days earlier I had taken a picture of a wooden joint I discovered during our shower project. I thought it looked kind of cool and might come in handy as a photoshop texture. So, here is what I did. Among other things, I increased the contrast in the wood picture to really bring out the fine lines. Then I added it to the herbs photo setting the layer mode to ‘soft light’ @ 27 % opacity only. It looked a bit too uniform to me, so I duplicated and turned the 2nd layer 90° so that I had a crisscross effect. And now, here it is, my very first self made photoshop texture added to my herb photo. I really like the grunge and canvas look of it. I am sure that I will find another photo soon to add the photoshop texture to again. What do you think?

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About Word. Ugh. This printing problem might have something to do with print margins, or maybe there's a "gripper edge" that the printer needs so it offsets a bit

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Apply texture to an object photoshop CS5?


( First of all sorry for the mistakes, I'm not an english speaker )
I'd need some help with Photoshop. I'd like to apply a texture to an object.
Let me explain. I have two pictures, one of a barby doll and another one of an icecream. And what i want to do is to turn the barby doll into an icecream. As if the icecream was Barby shaped.
Hope I'm making myself understand.

Hope someone can help me!
If so please be as precise as possible :).

Go to the main toolbar and select "filters" then select "texture" from there you can choose from many different textures. You can see what each texture looks like before you make your final decision by clicking "OK".

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